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programs similar to JHU-Nanjing graduate certificate


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I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, since this program is *in* China, but I'll give it a try.


Anyways, does anyone know if there is a program (through a US university, preferably) that is similar to Johns Hopkins's NHU-Hopkins graduate certificate? You can find out more through the link, but it's essentially a 1 year study abroad in China program where a student takes language courses, as well as courses related to international relations (politics, business, history).


I'm hoping to apply to JHU's MA in International Studies (through Hopkins-Nanjing), but I don't have the requisite background (I'm currently a math major, but I *am* working towards a Chinese minor) in international relations. So I'm using this 1 year program as some sort of transition in order to make my application stronger. And also to be able to study in China for a year  :P


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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When I was studying Chinese in Nanjing University (which is right next to the Hopkins one), I could choose as many courses on top of the basic 20 units - also from other departments - e.g. history, international politics, Chinese diplomacy, analysis of current news, classical Chinese, Internet Chinese and others. I think I ended up taking around 35 hours/week.

In the end they issued us a certificate of advanced learner of Chinese language and literature (or something like that)

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Looks like I came to this thread late, but a similar and much cheaper program is Ohio State's Chinese Flagship program.


It's a 2 year program, with the first year on OSU's campus and the second year all in China. For the first year, all your classes are in Chinese and you're given a Chinese domain tutor to work with you individually in your chosen field.


The second year is really all up to you, you'll be required to enroll in a Chinese university of your choosing and take graduate level classes there (in Chinese), as well as complete an internship related to your area of study. Meanwhile you'll have to write a master's thesis in Chinese and defend it in Chinese when you get back to the States.


Basically the whole point of the program is to train you to use Chinese professionally in your chosen area of study, whether that's business, engineering, law, etc. 


You do need a high-intermediate or low-advanced level of Chinese to enroll. I go to OSU as an undergraduate and I've met a few people who are taking Chinese classes here just to qualify to be in the Flagship program.



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I think the JHU-Nanjing graduate certificate is really unique. Typically to earn a graduate certificate in something, one needs to already be a graduate student in a program, ie it's like a minor in undergrad.


Two summer programs that might be of interest, both are study abroad programs given by American universities that focus on business. It doesn't look like either gives a certificate.


UC Berkeley Business Chinese in Taipei

Six weeks at National Taiwan University, one class called Business Chinese, field trips to companies.


Columbia University Summer Business Chinese and Internship Program, Shanghai

At Shanghai Jiao Tong University, ten weeks total: six weeks language instruction, four weeks internship with a company, final project involves a paper and oral presentation. Does require students to only speak Chinese (language pledge).

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