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Learn Chinese in China

Why did you leave China?


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I think people start to look for the familiar as it feels safer.


Just to be clear, for me this has little to do with familiarity. I actually think it's great to be in a place where one is always learning or trying out something new. Unfortunately, I personally don't think that healthcare or local schooling is particularly good anywhere in China. It is possible to get decent schools in a large city, especially if one has the money to pay the fees and live in a nice area. Healthcare... well, you have to also have a generous income to get half-decent treatment and there is a lot of corruption in the system. I know some well-off people (Chinese and expats) who have told me horrible stories about bribing. I never dealt with anything like that, but I still found the medical treatment I received at Western/Expat-y hospitals in Beijing (supposedly some of the best or best in the city) to be sub-par. In any case, that's probably a debatable issue for some people, but for me I know that my kid is going to be better off here because the German healthcare system is pretty good (my husband had brain tumor surgery here last year, so I feel I know what I'm talking about!) and the schools have a good reputation, plus there are government-subsidized bilingual schools. So yes, in some ways this has been a conscious choice based on our specific situation, but that is not based on familiarity. :) (Also I'm not sure we'll stay here forever, I am not crazy about some things here... and I wouldn't mind trying out another place in the future!)

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