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Graded readers, by the numbers (characters/words, page count)


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Mandarin Companion Graded Readers:


Breakthrough Level: 150 Charaters

In Search of Hua Ma, 150 characters

Just Friends ?  150 characters

The Misadventures of Zhou Haisheng, 150 characters, Simplified or Traditional

My Teacher is a Martian, 150 characters
Xiao Ming, Boy Sherlock, 150 characters

Level 1: 300 characters

Emma,  300 characters, Simplified or Traditional

The Secret Garden, Simplified, 300 characters, 61 pages Group read

The Monkey's Paw, Simplified, 300 characters, 53 pages

The Country of the Blind, Simplified, 300 characters, 58 pages

The Ransom of the Red Chief, 300 characters

The Sixty Year Dream, Simplified, 300 characters, 58 pages

The Prince and the Pauper, 300 characters, Simplified or Traditional

Sherlock Holmes and the Red-Headed League, Simplified, 300 characters, 60 pages


Level 2: 450 characters

Great Expectations Volume 1, Simplified, 450 characters, 70 pages

Great Expectations Volume 2, Simplified, 450 characters, 74 pages

Journey to the Center of the Earth, 450 characters, Simplified or Traditional


Grammar used in the readers

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There’s a series of readers that was mentioned here (page 2) but that I really like. They’re by Hanban and BLCU and the series is called 好朋友. 

Each book has a title which is more like the theme. Then the book is divided into multiple short stories. There are some exercises at the end of each short story. 

The publishers say that the books are levelled by HSK level. Personally I’ve found level 5 books a little easy, unless years of not studying as seen an improvement in my level... could be! 

I’ve found them less dry than some readers. The fact they’re short makes it easy to set goals (e.g. re-read a story and read a new story each day). 

I attempted to upload some photos ... 






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6 minutes ago, ChTTay said:

I attempted to upload some photos ... 


It amazes me that they actually highlight Meiguo.......as if somehow its new vocab........it's one of those words that are inescapable from day one of Chinese vocab words. Ffs, why can't they sometimes use other countries besides meiguo, the occasional yinguo and the daring jianada?

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Just now, suMMit said:


It amazes me that they actually highlight Meiguo.....

Hahaha. I agree! Especially as it’s a level 5 book, too. 

I haven’t read that one yet. It was just the first one that popped up in taobao. 

I am enjoying the series though. More than others I’ve attempted... 

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