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antique chinese astronomy and also hydraulic thoughts


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What are "hydraulic thoughts"? Is it something like 水經注?

For resources on ancient Chinese astronomy, go to www.google.com.hk, key in these words and you may find plenty of information -


張衡 (Zhang Heng, famous astronomer of Eastern Han Dynasty)

郭守敬 (Guo Shoujing, astronomer of Yuan Dynasty)

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Thanks a lot

I mean hydraulic thoughts with the way of thinking of the old chineses about the needs of a good emperor to be an hydraulic engineer for example to act against the floods

or to the way of thinking the body meridians 经络 compairing with the water (from a river for instance)

I would like to know more about

Can you help me


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Sorry still don't understand. I would think that an emperor would be too busy either running the country or enjoying his life to be an hydraulic engineer. But there is indeed a saying "水能載州,亦能覆舟" , the emperor being the boat, and the people being the water.

I think hydraulic projects in China started in Qin Dynasty. This might be useful.

Again, you may google "中國古代水利".

I know nothing about body meridians.

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I would be interested in looking at a Chinese astronomy map.

I'd like to look at a Chinese "star map" to acquaint myself with Chinese constellations.

Does anyone have any ideas where I can look at or get such a map?


Reading "When China Ruled the Seas," the already obvious becomes more obvious. Chinese astronomers had their own ideas of how the heavens were mapped out into constellations. It would make a great gift for "western" astronomy buffs.

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