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More nonsensical character learning claims...

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I am intrigued by the title.


Also I don't understand the use of the word underlined below.


"The world-shaking discovery opens up a shortcut to fast learning of Chinese characters: the best approach of mastering Chinese language in a short term is to hypnotize the sense of native language and awake the photographic memory for Chinese characters,"


The title is really weird "Hypnotic and Awaking" is a bit of an oxymoron as far as I can see.


I had to get the calculator out to work out 1.000 minutes is 16.67 hours, definitely will need toilet breaks, sleep breaks oh yes and life breaks :)


The general level of English is ok but there are some mistakes a 10 year old wouldn't make. This is important IMHO because it good if they have the ability to explain things in English.


I am hesitant of mystery shopping this because I don't feel qualified to give a good solid report on it, but I agree it would be good for someone to take up the free offer which also seems weirdly worded.Is it $2500.00 worth of lessons to use up in one week? or is the offer $2500.00 of tutorial available for one week? or is one weeks tutorial £2500.00 and is available for free?


It will interesting to find out what its all about.


Good find roddy

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That site is unbelievable. I wonder if they actually expect to make any money using this site or rather... I wonder how they can expect to?! Do they really think anyone will react like Roddy has but... For real.


More importantly... Roddy, What will it take for me to get a mention in one of your ranty blog posts? I am going to rejoin with an easier username to remember!!!

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Can't you just change your username in your profile?


I went and tried the game listed at the bottom of that webpage.


It was rubbish, the idea might have been ok but it didn't work.


There was no explanation how to play but it looked pretty self explanatory, but it didn't seem to do anything, unless it doesn't work if you don't sign in/register, again they didn't make that clear


The game is here http://www.chinamate.net/game/index.html


I have spent some more time browsing the sight and i want to take back my comments about their English. Its not ok 


I know its a Chinese learning site and not English but getting their English interface with world correct is important IMHO.

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They are willing to share the love with others



Chinese schools or language schools all over world.

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