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University of Jinan, Shandong


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Good day all,

Welcome to the University of Jinan, thread.

its website is www.ujn.edu.cn

I am a new prospective student who applied for the Chinese Government Scholarship through UJN though I am waiting for final approval from CSC which should be in July 2014.

However, I would love it if others who applied for the scholarship through UJN or chose UJN as one of the Universities or even those who applied without the scholarship can post their experiences here for everyone of us to learn.

What were you told by the International Affairs office? what do you know about the environment? what do you know about UJN? how is the Accommodation like?

Also, If you a student already there you can also help us that are newbies out.


I hope to see comment and useful pieces of advice in the coming hours.





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Hi there! I have just got Chinese Governmet Scholarship and I'll be studying in UJN this fall semester. I'm glad that I've finally found someone who will be a student there, a newcomer as I will be. Sadly, there is no much information about this university on the internet and I have nobody who could tell me about this place, give some tips or sth. Can't wait to go there and see everything myself! I will be in Jinan on the 30th of August, how about you? It would be really nice to hear comments about UJN and the city from other people

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Hi mazi and indre!

I am also Chinese Government Scholarship Student who will be studying in Jinan City this upcoming Fall Semester. I will however, be going to Shandong University. My registration dates will be on September 1 to 4, 2014. When will you guys be arriving? Also, have you contacted UJN already prior to your arrival?

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Hi Yenchi! Nice to meet you. I will be coming to Jinan on the 30th of august, how about you? And yes, I have contacted them, needed some things to ask. Oh, its sad that you won't be studying in UJN with us. But still we will be in the same city so I hope we will meet there!

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Hello there! I expect to arrive in Beijing on the 29th but I will be in Jinan probably on 1st of September for the enrollment.

Did they reply to you? I needed to contact my uni too, so I also tried but apparently, nobody seems to be there to answer my calls and emails. Somebody told me, that it could probably be because it's still school break period in China.I have my documents and stuff, as what was written in the handbook that was given. Will you just show up at your Uni's international office when you arrive in Jinan?


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Yes, they replied to me but it took them quite for a while. I recommend you not to be anxious about it, you are not the only one who has difficulties to contact chinese Uni, its always like that. Sometimes they reply, sometimes they dont. Maybe you are right, its holidays break now, so maybe thats why but still, somebody must be in the office.. I would recommend you to call and write them repeatedly, it always helps with them :D for example when I had a question for UJN, only after sending them 3 emails they decided to answer my question.

Yep, I will just show up there with all the docs needed for the registration. I have idea how it will be in UJN or in your Uni, but the last time i went to study to BLCU everything was quite clear (even though quite chaotic) Everyone were willing to help us, there was saparate registration floor for all international students, there were mentors who could help us, so I hope it will be like that and this time. Im sure you wont have any problems, your Uni enrolls lots of foreigners every year so they just have to be prepared well.

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  • New Members

Hi yall, nice to meet you all here.


Im currently going to Shandong University which is also in Jinan. But actually im from Hong Kong , which isn't a mandarin spoken city. And tbh my English is better than my broken Mandarin , I can read perfectly write perfectly but when it comes to speaking I suck a little.  I understand how you feel when you are in an environment where only very few people speak English . Anyway you can ask me for help when needed , be it about the banking stuff or anything , just ask away~

I will try my every best to help you.





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Aaaarrrggghhh being a while, I stopped by. So let me quickly update.


So I resumed August 28, 2014.  I must say I am impressed with what I saw.

Started my classes both Chinese and my major. Started Research almost immediately and so far my lab is doing well.


Everything and everyone at UJN works for your favour.  I really do hope there are people who wish to come here.


If you have any questions, please ask.


Thank you!



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Hi Mazi,

Are you taking graduate or undergraduate classes?

What's your major?

How many hours a week do you study your major?

How many hours a week do you study Chinese?

Did you take a placement exam for the Chinese classes?

How many Chinese language level classes are there?

What textbooks are used?

How are the accommodations?

Is it far from the building where your classes are held?

What about canteens?

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@edelweis, Let me respond in order of query.


1) Graduate classes

2) Computer science

3) Classes are 3 hours/week. The rest is research work in the lab 9 hours/day

4)15 hours/week

5) My major is English and my chinese was zero. So no need for placement exams. i just went straight to the beginners class

6) The usual levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced

7) Texts from BLCU

8) 2 persons to a room or 4 persons to a room.  Rooms are great too

9) close proximity

10) Canteens are in strategic places on campus. As at last count 3 school canteen and diverse food shops and food courts.


Thank you.

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:(  I seem to have inadvertently hit the wrong button, very sorry, you should have two green "helpful" points !!! Perhaps two other persons will kindly hit the green button and correct my mistake.


Many thanks for your answer, this programs does seem very interesting.

Are your roommates all foreigners or do you have Chinese roommates?

Regarding your major, how many classmates do you have? what is the proportion of foreigners?

Are you satisfied with the lab (computers etc?)

When you write 9hours/day, does this mean the lab is open 9 hours per day, and you can work there when you are not in your Chinese language classes, or do you actually go to the lab 9hours per day on top of the language classes?

Do you have weekend classes? Is the lab open on weekends? (I remember reading that Chinese students were busy even on weekends. It happens in other countries as well actually).

Is the teacher's English easy or hard to understand?

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