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QQSRX #11 The World Cup 锵锵三人行


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Episode #11

Topic: The World Cup


Another episode that is not too much of a challenge if you’re interested in the subject matter. Lots of good football vocabulary, but also deals with:

  • Which team has the best-looking players?
  • Who have dirtier minds, men or women?
  • What does the Spanish team have in common with Zhao Benshan in The Grandmaster?
  • What has 窦文涛 learned about strip clubs?
  • What was it like to watch football in China 30 years ago?
  • Why are the matches always on so late in China? [A subject close to my heart]
  • Should China host the World Cup?


Date      2014 0617

Title      伊比利亚半岛两队在巴西世界杯惨遭滑铁卢  The Iberian teams meet their Waterloo at the Brazil World Cup


Link to transcript   http://phtv.ifeng.com/program/qqsrx/detail_2014_06/18/36887815_0.shtml

Link to video       http://v.ifeng.com/news/society/2014006/0188429f-7a6c-4997-8a83-b030459c0732.shtml

Youtube link       www.youtube.com/watch?v=EX-3V5MNzXs

Episodes list      http://www.chinese-f...st-of-episodes/


 Host:                  窦文涛

Guests:               林玮婕    and     许子东


There’s another interesting omission from the transcript – around 17min – where 许子东 rants about China not getting the World Cup, 被欺负 etc.


I’m thinking I might start a World Cup vocabulary thread elsewhere. [Edit: done! World Cup Vocabulary thread]

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Translation of first section

Blue = query, bold = vocab


1. 窦文涛:《锵锵三人行》,现在我脑子里说什么都不记得,只记得两个字,玮婕。

1. Wentao: QQSRX. Right now my brain can’t remember anything, apart from one word: Weijie [as we see later, he keeps getting her name wrong]

2. 林玮婕:给你拍拍手。

2. Lin Weijie: A round of applause for you.

3. 窦文涛:玮婕,玮婕,玮婕。玮婕原来也是足球专家,玮婕真没看出来。

3. Wentao: Weijie, Weijie, Weijie. It turns out that Weijie is an expert on football, a real surprise.

4. 林玮婕:你讲了好多次,就弥补了之前叫错了。每一次都把他弥补过来。

4. Lin Weijie: If you say my name enough times, it makes up for getting it wrong before. Every time he covers himself a little more.

5. 窦文涛:玮婕交给我一个很好的办法,告诉我如果你总容易把你朋友叫错名字,该怎么办。我老把她叫成幼婷,她教我一个办法。

5. Wentao: Weijie gave me a useful tip, from a Taiwanese story. If you easily mix up your friend’s name, what can you do? I always call her Youting, she’s given me a trick.

6. 林玮婕:我们都叫宝贝,宝宝,或者是取一个甜心什么之类的,那这样子你每一次叫都是同一个,接下来大家都开心。好不好。

6. Lin Weijie: Call everyone babe, sweetie, honey, something like that, so that you’re calling everyone the same thing, and that way everyone’s happy.

7. 窦文涛:这是黄义交就是这样的。

7. Wentao: That’s what Huang Yijiao does.

8. 林玮婕:对对,他就是走这个逻辑。

8. Lin Weijie: Yes, that’s his method.

9. 窦文涛:他有多少个女朋友?

9. Wentao: How many girlfriends does he have?

10. 林玮婕:我不知道台面上,至少曝光两名以上,可以用复数的那种。

10. Lin Weijie: I don’t know the official answer, at least the two from the scandal, certainly a few.




11. 窦文涛:有两个宝宝。你也是我们锵锵的宝宝。宝宝,宝宝今天看什么比赛了?

11. Wentao: He has two ‘babes’. You are the QQSRX babe. So, babe, did you see the game last night?

12. 林玮婕:我今天上班之前看了德国对葡萄牙。

12. Lin Weijie: Today before work I saw Germany against Portugal.

13. 窦文涛:真球迷,真看。

13. Wentao: A true fan.

14. 林玮婕:看到黑眼圈都来了。

14. Lin Weijie: You can see the bags under my eyes.

15. 窦文涛:几点看?

15. Wentao: What time was it?

16. 林玮婕:12点,凌晨12点,看到快2点,1点多。

16. Lin Weijie: Midnight, ‘til almost 2, well after 1.

17. 窦文涛:那56点的那场你看吗?

17. Wentao: What about the 5am or 6am game, did you see that?

18. 林玮婕:56点再看今天就没办法上班了。

18. Lin Weijie: If I stayed up for that I wouldn’t have been able to work today.

19. 窦文涛:你看得懂吗?

19. Wentao: When you watch the games, do you understand what’s going on?

20. 林玮婕:看的懂啊,因为我在欧洲念书,我们以前念书的时候同学就会看球赛。然后好笑就是,因为每一队如果是打欧洲杯的话,其实壁垒非常分明,我就是英国、法国什么。然后以前我们同学就是英国队坐一边,法国队坐一边,然后看谁赢就互丢,就是看完球赛开始互丢杯子什么的,非常暴力的。

20. Lin Weijie: Yes, because I studied in Europe, and all my classmates would watch football matches. The funny thing was, say if it was during the European Championships, the divisions were set in stone. There’d be England supporters on one side of the room, French on the other, they’d see who won and then start throwing stuff at each other, when the game finished they’d throw glasses at each other, it was very aggressive.

21. 窦文涛:我们许老师是我们非常专业的球迷。

21. Wentao: Our very own Xu Zidong is a football authority.

22. 许子东:没有,没有,伪球迷。

22. Xu Zidong: No, no, only a fake fan.




23. 窦文涛:他们有人说,当然说世界杯就是伪球迷的聚会,因为通常认为世界杯不是代表足球最高水平。你比如说西班牙队,就别说西班牙。许老师你觉得这种是什么,他们都在屠杀我们南欧的队伍,北欧,算中欧吧,荷兰、德国,德国狂斩葡萄牙,尤其是荷兰把西班牙打成什么样了都。我不知道,我刚才还请教许老师, 我说这算不算是拳怕少壮,感觉那几个人长了赘肉,但是许老师的观点是,西班牙从此不行了。

23. Wentao: As people say, the World Cup is a great occasion for fake fans, it’s not actually the highest level of football. Take Spain, for example – actually, let’s not talk about Spain! Professor Xu, what have you thought so far, the Southern European teams are being massacred! By the Northern European teams, or Central European, Holland, Germany… Germany steamrollered Portugal, but especially Holland, who walked all over Spain. I don’t know, I asked Professor Xu to explain, I thought maybe it was just a case of brute force overpowering the Spanish finesse, a few of their players looking a little out of shape – but his view is, Spain are finished.

24. 许子东:也不对,我还是希望他行。

24. Xu Zidong: No, no, I’m still hoping they get back to their best.

25. 窦文涛:你觉得这种打法

25. Wentao: But what about the manner of the defeat?

26. 许子东:这个就好像你生活中一段千疮百孔的感情。你无论如何,虽然明知它不行,但是你还是带着伤痕挽救。

26. Xu Zidong: It must be a devastating blow for them. But no matter what, no matter that you can see there are clear problems, you still want them to recover.

27. 林玮婕:心里有希望嘛。

27. Lin Weijie: Deep down you still hope.




28. 许子东:因为它曾经给你带来那么多的欢乐。过去8年里边,你要是喜欢巴萨的话,整个巴萨打法水银泻地,它两次欧洲杯,一次世界杯。过去的5678年里边世界无敌,你做多这样你还不够,所以人都研究你的打法,所以现在你看,其实世界杯只是把他们巴萨、皇马的打发分散成几个队,虽然我们现在对西班牙可能惧的它不行,但是我们希望不还是放在阿根廷的梅西,我们不还是放在内马尔的巴西上。巴西、阿根廷还是一个技术型的在南美洲。

28. Xu Zidong: Because they have given us so much pleasure. In the last eight years, if you’re a Barça fan, Spain had the same liquid football style. They won the Euros twice and the World Cup once, and have been absolutely peerless for five, six, seven, eight years. But if that weren’t enough, others have studied this playing style, at Barça, at Real Madrid, in this World Cup you can see their players in various other national squads. Although Spain might be a disappointment, but can’t we just put our hopes in Messi for Argentina, in Neymar for Brazil. Brazil and Argentina use this same playing style but in South America.

29. 窦文涛:在拉丁。

29. Wentao: Latin America.

30. 许子东:在某种程度上,所以实际上争锋相对的还是秀、柔那种打法跟荷兰、德国的那种坦克、军刀的那种犀利,这个是最基本的一个对抗。

30. Xu Zidong: To some extent, this confrontation between fluid, graceful playing style and the Dutch or German one, which is like a tank, or a stiletto blade – that’s the fundamental struggle in football.

31. 窦文涛:但是,你比如说好像是说哈维,他就是说到死我都这么打。但是这就真是反应他老了。

31. Wentao: But, for example, Xavi supposedly said he will never change how he plays. But doesn’t that just suggest he’s getting old?




32. 许子东:这是解说员那句话,人还是那个人,风格还是那个风格。看西班牙被荷兰斩,当然荷兰那两个球是真是绝对漂亮。但是西班牙是叫人心碎。

32. Xu Zidong: As one commentator said, there are players and then there are players, … To see Spain torn to pieces by Holland, of course you can say that two of Holland’s goals were stunners, but on the other hand Spain were still very disappointing.

33. 窦文涛:他说他是进来,其实因为我平常不太看球,他说他这个是有迹可循的,就西班牙的这种打法。

33. Wentao: He said that – I don’t really watch enough football to judge – he said that Spain’s playing style has got predictable.

34. 许子东:过去78年,大概有56年他们是非常顶峰的。但是两年前的欧洲杯是勉强赢到,他已经是有点。最近两年你要是盯着巴萨看的话,你每次都是伤心多过快乐。但是人就是这样,你虽然现在伤心,但是你想想你跟他共享过这么多快乐,你现在看到人家一不行,你就另寻新欢,这也太不像话了。这不像人嘛, 对不对。

34. Xu Zidong: Seven or eight years ago, maybe five or six, they were really at their peak. But at Euro 2012 they only scraped a win, they already had problems. If you’ve been watching Barça recently, every time you’re unfavourably reminded of how they used to be. But that’s how it goes, and even if it’s disappointing, you should remember the joy that they have brought you, not complain and go looking for a new love, isn’t that a little out of order?

35. 林玮婕:所以,老师是念旧的人。就算被他伤心。

35. Lin Weijie: So the Professor is faithful, even if he’s been hurt.




36. 窦文涛:玮婕来了,我还是叫幼婷。

36. Wentao: Just as Weijie comes on the show even though I keep calling her Youting.

37. 林玮婕:是,是,你真的好爱幼婷。

37. Lin Weijie: Exactly, she’s clearly your favourite.

38. 窦文涛:你不会爱西班牙队?

38. Wentao: Do you like the Spanish team?

39. 林玮婕:对,我其实是喜欢军刀似的,我特别看好。

39. Lin Weijie: Well, I actually prefer those ruthless, incisive teams, they’re better to watch.

40. 许子东:女的好多喜欢德国之类的,是吧?

40. Xu Zidong: Women prefer teams like Germany, right?

41. 林玮婕:对,因为我觉得这种球赛每次,特别是到最后的时候,我自己都觉得说如果是那种打战术,通常最后反而特别稳,因为他们已经习惯。反倒是比较华丽,比如只重个人的那种到最后几场就发现大起大落,比如他今天发挥的很好,就真的很好。当然他如果发挥的不行,那就一败涂地。所以我个人是觉得我比较崇尚整体战术的那种。所以我喜欢德国队。

41. Lin Weijie: Yes, because…

42. 窦文涛:长得也很整齐。

42. Wentao: They’re not bad-looking either.

43. 林玮婕:对,身高,就没有什么歪瓜裂枣,长得就是稍微,就是大家排在一起都长得差不多。

43. Lin Weijie: Yeah, tall, not ugly at all. When they’re in a line, you can see they’re all equally tall.




44a. 窦文涛:没错,你记得吗,我记得那天我就看一遍那个谁,王家卫拍的那个《一代宗师》。其实电影真是拍的好,我跟你说过段时间你再看一遍,人家那么精心拍的,你也需要再看一遍,我越看越好。我就看到什么,赵本山。 你知道吧,他们当时都在说,说赵本山这个角色没选好,说大家都笑场了,其实我认为他们不理解王家卫,你要能够忘掉赵本山在你脑子里的印象,就是赵本山是个第一次出现的人你要能像我这么看,你就觉得他选的太对了。

44a. Wentao: That’s right. You know, I remember watching that film by Wang Jiawei, Grandmasters. Such a good film, I’ve said before you should watch it again – he put such a lot of detail into it, you need to see it more than once. The more I watch it the more I admire it. Anyway, what did I remember? Zhao Benshan. At the time everybody said he was a bad choice for the role, that everyone would laugh. In fact, I think these people don’t really understand Wang Jiawei. If you are able to forget your previous impressions of Zhao Benshan, and watch the film as if it’s the first time you see him, then you will certainly feel he was the right choice.

44b. 就是那么个像老婆样的一个人,但是是一个隐士不出的这么一个高手。你知道过去,这就是西班牙给我的印象,他要是打好了,我太崇拜了。为什么,因为一个个看着不是秃顶。你看那个伊涅斯塔长什么模样,好像有时候犯规人把那个上衣起来。我看这帮中年人怎么腰部都有赘肉,没一个肌肉发达的。身体也不好,长得你看,一个个什么模样,就梅西就算帅哥了。就原来巴萨,但是就这样的一些赵本山一样的人物, 打的多牛,那个时候你觉得《一代宗师》。但是,当这帮秃顶背时背运的时候,你真是看着真是惨。我觉得到最后给荷兰的打到51的时候,你就知道大师也会溃不成军满地找牙,你真是惨。

44b. Wentao (cont): He might have looked like an old woman, but at the same time he was a reclusive genius. You know, in the past, that’s the same feeling that the Spanish team gave me. The reason I admired them so much when they played well was, well, they were all bald, right? Take Iniesta – I saw him having his shirt pulled, and underneath you could see this slightly flabby waist, no musculature at all. Not particularly tall either, not particularly good-looking, compared to Messi even.  So Barça used to give me the same feeling as Zhao Benshan’s character, they played so stylishly, they truly were ‘grandmasters’. But to see them now, down on their luck, it’s so sad. When they lost 5-1 to Holland, you saw that even grandmasters can be utterly routed, have the crap beaten out of them. Really sad.




45. 许子东:最惨的是他的门将。他的门将是皇马人。

45. Xu Zidong: Saddest of all is the goalkeeper, the Real Madrid guy.

46. 窦文涛:对,他是帅哥。

46. Wentao: Now he is a looker.

47. 许子东:他真是帅哥。

47. Xu Zidong: Definitely.

48. 窦文涛:他是帅哥。

38. Wentao: Oh yes.

49. 许子东:帅哥也被雨打成这样,还犯了一个错误。那个表情他没多久,前不久还拿着皇马的杯登上欧冠的顶峰。所以真是叫人心碎。

49. Xu Zidong: But handsome guys can suffer too, they can still make mistakes. That expression on his face, when not long ago he was holding the Champions’ League trophy. Heartbreaking.

50. 林玮婕:对啊,可是我觉得,就是常说我们女生就会看帅哥球员或者什么。可我个人觉得其实在球场上,每一个人都是汗流成这样,头发都乱了什么之类的。 其实你最后看的还是会说其实他踢得好的那个人,他是有某种魅力,让你觉得他很帅。他可能私底下,比如说今天进球最多,第一个帽子戏法的穆勒其实你私底下看他你也觉得就还好。就是外国人讲

50. Lin Weijie: The way I see it – people often say us women only want to watch the handsome teams. But personally I find that, on the pitch, every player is dripping with sweat, with their hair all over the place and so on. Like in the last game I saw – it’s the player who played well that attracts you, that’s the one you find handsome. For example, in that game Muller got the first hat-trick of the World Cup, even if normally I might find him nothing special.

51. 窦文涛:正常农民。

51. Wentao: Just ordinary, a farmer.

52. 林玮婕:对,正常。农民是你说的,不是我说的。

52. Lin Weijie: Yes, ordinary – farmer, you said, I didn’t say that!

53. 窦文涛:农民很好啊,农民很好。

53: Wentao: There’s nothing wrong with farmers.

54. 林玮婕:我怕被他的球迷打。对,但是他私底下,但是他在球场上那个进球,还有对球的那个专注力,看到就会被他吸引住了。所以我觉得女生不见得看他长得帅,而是他在场地中有没有他的专注力在。

54. Lin Weijie: I’m worried about how his fans might react. Anyway, that’s under normal conditions – but on the pitch, the goals, the concentration, that all can be very alluring. So I think that women aren’t necessarily looking for who’s the most handsome, but rather who has the most composure on the pitch.




55. 窦文涛:这是你的看法?

55. Wentao: Is that how you see it?

56. 林玮婕:对,这是我的看法。

56. Lin Weijie: Yes, that’s how I see it.

57. 窦文涛:说明你的水平已经到了一个水平了。

57. Wentao: That means you have higher standards than others.

58. 林玮婕:我已经超脱了。

58. Lin Weijie: I don’t just focus on appearance.

59. 窦文涛:有的女球迷不看到最后,我觉得女的其实是比男的好色的。

59. Wentao: Some female fans who don’t watch the game – you know, I think women are actually more lecherous than men.

60. 林玮婕:对,我们昨天有一个主持人,她陪男朋友去看球场。就球赛一开始,就大家走出来就问说谁是谁啊,就这样讲。伪球迷出来,她说我好开心,但我都不知道谁是谁。她就是看谁帅。

60. Lin Weijie: Yesterday one of our anchors came along with her boyfriend to watch the match. When the game started, she started asking who all the players were, she wasn’t a real fan at all. She was very happy to be watching it, even though she didn’t know who anyone was. She was just looking for the handsome players.

61. 窦文涛:就看体形,看肌肉。其实女的真的比男的好色,我现在越来越发现这一点。

61. Wentao: Looking at their bodies, their muscles. More and more nowadays I think that women have dirtier minds.




62. 许子东:不是,不是。

62. Xu Zidong: No, no.

63. 窦文涛:她脑子里没别的事。

63. Wentao: They don’t think about anything else!

64. 许子东:不是,因为现实生活当中男权社会对你的压抑,所以女的只有在看球这样的时候,才比较好意思说谁谁谁的屁股,谁谁谁的胳膊。平常生活当中一般不这么说。

64. Xu Zidong: No, because in our current male-dominated society women suffer a lot of repression. It’s only when watching a football match that they feel comfortable talking about who has the best ass, who has big muscles. Normally they wouldn’t do that.

65. 林玮婕:比较娇羞一点,不好意思说出来。

65. Lin Weijie: Yes, they’re too shy, too embarrassed.

66. 窦文涛:对,对,我这个观点也要修正。这里面有点微小的区别。上次吴君如来就谈这个问题我就觉得就谈对了。就说我们老以为女的好像挺好色,比如说很多女的看见球员,意大利球员,尤其是把衣服这么一脱,啊,她就尖叫。后来我就说,你仔细观察,她不一定是好色,她这个是反应是有区别的。你看这个女的要是看见男的跳什么脱衣舞,刚刚我提到哇哇乱叫,你看她这个反应。男的,要是看那种脱衣舞,钢管舞,男的都不出声,就喘粗气

66. Wentao: Yes, OK, I need to revise my theory a little. There’s a more subtle difference. Last time Sandra Ng came on we discussed this issue, and I think she was right. She said people always assume that women have dirtier minds – for example, when watching a match, seeing the Italian players, especially when they take off their tops, the women scream. But if you think about it carefully, it’s not because they’ve got dirty minds, it’s just a different reaction. When they see male strippers, women all go bonkers, that’s their reaction. But men, in a strip club, or a pole-dancing club, they don’t make a sound, they just pant and stare.




67. 许子东:不是,半张着嘴。有趣的说法就是半张着嘴。

67. Xu Zidong: And with their mouths half-open, that’s the funny thing.

68. 林玮婕:其实是不能随便移动,不同的反应。

68. Lin Weijie: They can’t really move, it’s a very different reaction.

69. 窦文涛:这个气氛完全是不一样。我在美国看过那种酒吧。女的要是碰见这种男的,女的就乱叫,其实她是个娱乐,她开心,高兴。男的周围坐一圈,就这样,拿着5美元。

69. Wentao: The atmosphere is completely different. When I was in the U.S. I saw those type of bars. For the women, when they see these men, they go crazy, scream and shout, because they’re happy, excited. Men just sit in a circle, with their $5 bills.

70. 林玮婕:被下了蛊似的,疯狂的投注。

70. Lin Weijie: Like their under a spell, the same thing over and over again like crazy.

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台面   tái​miàn  ---   (here) in public, out in the open

曝光  pù​guāng  ---  exposure (e.g. of a scandal)

复数fù​shù     ---  plural

壁垒bì​lěi      ---  barrier, separation

屠杀tú​shā    ---  massacre, carnage

拳怕少壮    quánpàshàozhuàng

千疮百孔   qiān​chuāng​bǎi​kǒng​    --- riddled with gaping wounds

水银  shuǐ​yín   ---  mercury, quicksilver

皇马  Huáng​ Mǎ   ---  Real Madrid

有迹可循   yǒujìkěxún   ---   predictable (here)

新欢xīn​huān   ---  new flame


不像话   bù​xiàng​huà     ---  shocking, outrageous

念旧  niàn​jiù    ---  for old time’s sake

一败涂地  yī​bài​tú​dì    ---  crushed, beaten comprehensively

大起大落  dà​qǐ​dà​luò    ---  a roller coaster (e.g. of a football match)

歪瓜裂枣   wāi​guā​liè​zǎo   ---  ugly, repulsive

隐士   yǐn​shì    ---  a hermit, a recluse

犯规  fàn​guī    ---  (here) to foul

 liāo   ---  lift or pull up (e.g. clothes)

赘肉  zhuì​ròu   ---  flab, unwanted fat

溃不成军   kuì​bù​chéng​jūn   ---  utterly defeated

满地找牙  mǎn dì zhǎo yá   --- beaten to a pulp

帽子戏    màozi xì    ---  a hat-trick

专注   zhuān​zhù   ---  concentrate, be single-minded

超脱   chāo​tuō​  ---  to stand aloof / to be detached from / to transcend worldliness

脱衣舞  tuō​yī​wǔ   ---  striptease

钢管舞   gāng​guǎn​wǔ   ---  pole-dancing

喘粗气  chuǎn​cū​qì    ---  to pant

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5.  a Taiwanese story

Something gets cut from the transcript – is it anything particularly interesting?


23. 因为通常认为世界杯不是代表足球最高水平

It seems a little odd that people would say that the World Cup is not the highest level of football, but on the other hand I can imagine some purist saying that. Is that right?


23. 拳怕少壮

If I’ve got the sense of this idiom right, here it refers to brute force overpowering the Spanish finesse, right?


27. 不还是?

He’s saying that we should do this, a kind of rhetorical question.


31. 这就真是反应他老了



32. 人还是那个人,风格还是那个风格

Not sure what Professor Xu is getting at here.


41. 林玮婕:对,因为我觉得这种球赛每次,特别是到最后的时候,我自己都觉得说如果是那种打战术,通常最后反而特别稳,因为他们已经习惯。反倒是比较华丽,比如只重个人的那种到最后几场就发现大起大落,比如他今天发挥的很好,就真的很好。当然他如果发挥的不行,那就一败涂地。所以我个人是觉得我比较崇尚整体战术的那种。所以我喜欢德国队。

This whole paragraph has me a bit stumped, in terms of actually being able to extract from it the point she’s making. I think partly the problem is she doesn’t say when she’s talking about Germany and when she’s talking about Spain? Very frustrating.


44b. 好像有时候人犯规,人把那个上衣撩起来

Could we equally say 人犯规? I thought this was more a Taiwanese usage.


50. 就是外国人讲

What’s that about foreigners?

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Not a popular choice of topic, clearly. But for the football fans who come a little later, here are a couple of other good episodes
Date      2014 078
Title      林玮婕:世界杯天气影响大 德国队员显慵懒
Topics   Weather at the World Cup, Neymar's injury, predictions for the semi-finals
Link to transcript   http://phtv.ifeng.com/program/qqsrx/detail_2014_07/09/37245338_0.shtml
Link to video       http://v.ifeng.com/news/opinion/2014007/01d80a45-d87b-4f7c-91f6-2a850bea8b8f.shtml
Youtube link       http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZPLNRordWI
Episodes list      http://www.chinese-f...st-of-episodes/
Date      2014 079
Title      许子东:半决赛常是经典 一不小心见证历史 
Topic     Germany thrash Brazil
Link to transcript   http://phtv.ifeng.com/program/qqsrx/detail_2014_07/10/37266127_0.shtml
Link to video       http://v.ifeng.com/news/society/2014007/01458365-d185-4551-8d6e-454d5f921cb9.shtml
Youtube link       http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6zQA7Lc9nM
Episodes list      http://www.chinese-f...st-of-episodes/
The second video has a nice call back to the Gabriel Garcia Marquez episode:


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