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X-2 Visa (student) conversion to Z-Visa advice/help


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Hello. I have a few question about the conversion process and a few specifics about my circumstances. I hope someone can help.


First off, I came to China to do business and my current intention is to acquire a working visa and later acquire sufficient capital through other means. This is like an end goal for me and not really the point of this thread. Anyway, I am currently in Sichuan province on an X-2 visa "Interning" at a kindergarten. The organization that enabled me to get the X-2 visa and whom I signed the contract with are intent on having me leave the country if I decide to quit. Similarly, the pay isn't very good and I have opportunities for much better paying jobs, so I want to quit this current job and obtain a z-visa. The problem is that if I leave the internship prematurely, and do not leave the country, they will alert the authorities (I'm not sure they even have this right. My source says that they are somehow responsible for me while I'm over here). I am not really concerned about this as we all know that Chinese authorities, for the most part, don't give a shit about much.

But this also isn't really the point... 


What I want to know is: Can I obtain a Z-Visa if I am already under contract with another organization? Do I need their permission somehow? Will their organization show up on the computers when I try to apply for a Z-Visa in Hongkong. Similarly, what is the exact process for me to convert an X-2 Visa to Z-Visa.  I really don't want to be scammed/duped into working for scraps. I already have several prospective employers which I have deemed legitimate but I want to double-check to see if I can trust their process for Z-Visa acquisition. I want to know exactly what I must do. I hope someone can help. Really, I just need to know if I can get a Z-visa without the permission of my current employer and what kind of powers they might have in this regard.  


*I have all the requirements to get a Z-Visa, i.e. 25yo, BA, etc. 

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Firstly, the visa (X or Z) is just what enables you to enter the country. After this, for more long term visas, you should have a "residence permit" in your passport. It is this residence permit that is renewed or converted. For conversion, they would change the purpose of your stay on the residence permit from one thing to another,

As a an X visa is a student Visa and not a work Visa, then i'm not sure your "employer" has any real hold over you. How much is your contract worth when you are working illegally afterall? I am not sure but you could probably ask to cancel that visa/residence permit when you go and apply for a new one. I had two days left on a student residence permit when I was in Hong Kong and, before they accepted my Z visa application, they asked me if I wanted to cancel the current student residence permit. Note that I wasn't converting anything, I just went to HK to apply for a completely new Z visa. That would allow me to enter the country, then my employer would help me get the residence permit.

If you meet visa requirements for teaching, can I ask why you aren't working with the right visa and in a good school in the first place?

As for not getting duped/scammed again, there are plenty of large reputable employers around. A good way to check out an employer is to ask to speak to a current or recently departed teacher and ask them any questions.

There is also a pretty good amount of information on this site already about visas in HK, converting visas etc. Have a search if you want some more general info.

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"I am not really concerned about this as we all know that Chinese authorities, for the most part, don't give a shit about much."

Hopefully you're right, but the times, they are a-changing. That guy did a little illegal teaching and now can't get into China for love nor money. If you have long-term plans here, I wouldn't risk "interning". 

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You are right that nobody cares about you working on an X-visa, however I doubt that your employer would want to make a big thing out of it, as they probably want to stay out of trouble too.

In general applying for a work visa while being on an X visa from a school should not be a problem. At least in Beijing you have to return to your home country during the process usually though. I would ask an agency or work for a company with a very experienced HR department. Applying for a work visa yourself is an administrative nightmare...

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I had an a student residence permit (originally an X visa) then headed to HK to apply for a new Z visa. It worked out fine but my employer provided all the documents. Also, this was one year ago and there are reports of HK getting harder and harder to obtain certain visas in certain circumstances.

You could always go home for a holiday and apply there.

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