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To conclude what I have said, and this will be my last post made in reply to you regarding this topic. The dictionary I used is called 现代汉语词典 published by 商务印书馆 1992. It is definitely a Mandarin only dictionary. However, you can still find individual character meanings to most of the characters. You could very well use your own dictionary to look up for its meaning.

认为 is also 认为/觉得 in Cantonese. 估's true equivalent in mandarin is 猜。However, 我猜 and 我认为/我觉得 are close enough that 估 is sometimes used for 觉得. If you do not see the relationship between those words, I do not think you should be talking about language relationships at all.

I do not know where to get a time travel machine to travel back a few centuries, but I suppose you do have such a machine in order to make your judgement.

I have no doubt about the Yueh existence in southern china back in the days, but the majority of the people in present day South have more Han in them than anything else, and no they do not look like Malays, not even like the Vietnamese in general. If you don't believe me, you can survey Asian populations in America, they can readily tell you who's a Japanese, who's a Korean, who's a Northern Chinese, who's a Southern Chinese, and who's a Vietnamese. That said, we are still more similar than different, because the core of our blood was from the same origin.

Lastly, I suggest that you learn Cantonese before making a conclusion. I know both Cantonese and Mandarin inside out and outside in, so thoroughly I can tell you with 100% certainty they branched out from the same language sometime in the past.

Also, I consider myself a Guangzhouren and a southerner, but I am 183cm(6 ft) tall, with normal size and good looking double-lid eyes, and a high nose with nostrils smaller than yours. How do I know they are smaller? Because chinese researchers said so.

Of course you can continue to believe what you believe, but do not use your own personal belief as facts please. I can easily tell you that Southerners are the true Han, in fact massive migrations to the South were very well documented. But what difference does it make?

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