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Boya Advanced 2 (博雅汉语高级飞翔篇2) - Support Thread

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Hi Everyone,


I just finished up part 1 of the 3 part advanced series for Boya and it went pretty smooth.  Today I started on book 2 and I feel like I've entered a new world.  Based on the first chapter, the level of difficulty between book 1 and book 2 is larger than I would've expected.  There is a lot of Chengyu and a lot of new vocabulary I have not seen.  I decided to open a thread here for this book.  If anyone else is studying the 博雅汉语高级飞翔篇2 then we can use this thread to post questions and discussions.  


As I progress in this book I will use this thread to post questions or comment on areas I find difficult or of interest.  I am doing my study 100% independent without instruction of a teacher, so thank you in advance to any questions I may have as I go.  


First topic is just a comment on an "ah ha" moment I had this morning.


Lesson 1: 每天都冒一点险


I ran across the following sentence this morning and it really tripped me up.  “我给自己立下的冒险范畴是:以前没干过的事,试一试。当然,以不犯错为前提。”


That last part, 以不犯错为前提 is what threw me.  I knew all the words in the sentence, but I was couldn't figure out what the purpose of 以 was in the sentence.  I kept thinking this over and took a break to make my coffee and realized that this was the structure, "以 A 为 B".  


This is a very common sentence structure (taking A to be B), but seeing it in this sentence threw me. 


In the above sentence, 当然了,以不犯错为前提 - of course under the premise that I would not be make a mistake


I'm guessing, 以。。。为前提。。。, is a commonly used sentence structure in Chinese.  i will start to keep a look out for this and try using it in my vocabulary.

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Thanks for the post. I think the boya hanyu series is great. I really like the stories and content in books one and 2 so i think what you are doing is a good idea. if i have time i will contribute what i can too to this. If you have more questions please post and i'll see if i'm able to answer or if there are any others interested in going through these texts too.

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