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Intermediate Chinese Grammar online edX course


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Is anyone else taking the Intermediate Chinese Grammar course taught by Peking University and offered through edX? It started today.


I've only worked through half of the first week and it is right on-level for me. Although the grammar points are not overly difficult, the course is completely in Chinese, so it is a good challenge without being too difficult to make self-study not enjoyable. 


Here is the link if any of you are interested.


Happy studying!

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I am taking this course. I have had problems viewing the videos. I sent a help message and received some suggestions. When I am back at my desk tomorrow I will try them.

I am looking forward to starting.

I thought it started today the 15th. How have you done so much?

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Yay! I'm happy to know someone else in the course. :)


The course did start today, but each video is only ~8 min. The homework for the week is very review-ish(的, 得, 地, etc.). I do not have the textbook yet (still on order), so I've only watched the videos and done the homework. 


Good luck viewing the videos. In past classes, I've found that Chrome works better than Firefox or Safari for viewing edX lectures. 


Best of luck in the course!

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I did not know there was a text book, i have not been able to find out much about course material except for the videos which didn't work.

I am going to go and try updating Firefox i would really like to avoid Chrome as I find it really slow.


I was able to view the introduction video which was in Chinese and English, the introduction text was also in both, I didn't realize it was in Chinese only, I didn't get that impression when I signed up, but hey I won't let that get me down, I will just have have my dictionary to hand.


I am looking forward to it and its nice to know there are others here doing it, we can always have someone to help :)

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Does anyone know what 时量 is? It's in the title (时点和时量)of the first video and I can't find it in any of my Chinese dictionaries.


Lechuan, it means "duration." The first lesson is about the different between points in time vs. time durations. "今天" or "5点" are examples of points in time, whereas "一年" or "一上午" are durations. 

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@Shelley Textbook is usually optional in most online courses I've tried. I don't think I'll get it for this course. Mind you, I haven't completed the week one videos. @yukifu may know better.

Thanks @li3wei1 and @yukifu for the explanation.

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@Shelley Textbook is usually optional in most online courses I've tried. I don't think I'll get it for this course. Mind you, I haven't completed the week one videos. 


I've ordered the text because 1) I don't have a Chinese grammar reference, 2) this book was recommended to me by a student a bit more advanced than I am, and 3) if I can't understand a concept from the lecture I'll have another reference the professor is also using.


It isn't necessary to complete the course. As far as I can tell, the assignments are all online and she only references the book for more examples. 

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In the first video at 3:30 underneath the Chinese some writing in different colours appears.


This may make me look like a fool but what does it mean?


My understanding of grammar and phonetics is limited to using it not knowing the terms to describe it.


I suspect it is some sort of phonetics or grammatical symbols but I could be way off the mark.


I ask because it is the only way to learn new things. :help

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