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Making something about radicals and I don't want it to suck. Suggestions?

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Personally I love footnotes. The bigger the better. Occasionally you even see a book with footnotes within footnotes, which is even greater. I hate endnotes though, no idea why anyone thinks those are a good idea.

Online, I like the solution where you can read the footnote when you hover your mouse over the note. No need to scroll up and down, which I agree is cumbersome.

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I think the "red pill"  idea, sounds great, just sort of solution that works for me.

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Hey everyone!


So, after a lot of hammering away at the keyboard and scouring the internet over small breaks at work, I've turned out my (very)
rough draft of the Radical Mini-Course I mentioned in this thread.


It needs a lot of work though. I'd love to have some of you awesome Chinese-Forumers go through it and give me a little feedback if you would be so kind.
Considering how much this thread blew up with discussion, I was hoping I could get some people to go through the series and give me some feedback on my landing page and the installments.


I've set up my mailchimp account to start the course for you wonderful folks on Monday. A simple reply to each email with feedback (or posting on here preferrably) would go a long way to helping me make this thing ready for when I send it to my subscribers this December.


What I'm looking for especially is:


1. Some feedback on the 'landing page': does it describe the course accurately? Does it seem 'sleazy' or 'hype-y' at all?
2. Fact checking: did I mess up any of my information?
3. Consistency checking: did I say different stuff in different places and not realize it?
4. Attribution checking: did I take something as common knowledge that should actually be attributed to a
study/blog/the forum/ one of you?


If you want to offer an spelling/grammar corrections also please feel welcome. I'll be getting it checked
over by a friend who edits by trade though, so don't feel obligated.


Note: I'm not trying to get you on my list. If you don't want to recieve my newsletter, please just tick the 'no' for email updates on the sign-up form. I won't send you anything other than the course this way.
I'd be really greatful for your feedback. If you leave a email by Thrusday, you'll be able to go through at least part of th series. Even if you don't have time to leave incredibly detailed feedback, any little thing helps :)
Thanks for being so awesome and helping out, everyone! I owe you all big time.

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