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QQSRX #13 Who wants to see their spouse every day 锵锵三人行


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Blue = query, bold = vocab

1.   窦文涛:锵锵三人行,今天我为了满足幼婷。
1.  Dou Wentao: QQSRX. To make Youting happy, [today I prepared...]

2.   竹幼婷:满足我?
2.  Zhu Youting: Make me happy?

3.   窦文涛:对,要特别讲一个幼婷爱听的话题。
3.  Dou Wentao: Yes, I particulary want to discuss a topic that Youting loves hearing about

4.   竹幼婷:你说。
4.  Zhu Youting: Tell me.

5.   窦文涛:我先给你看看照片,这是最近的一对英国的老夫妻,这就是咱们听说过很多次的事情,两个人共同婚姻68年,然后死在同一天,就是相隔只有十个小时。
5.  Dou Wentao: First I’ll show you a photo, this is a recent photo of an old English married couple, something we hear about all the time, two people married for 68 years, then they die on the same day, just 10 hours separating them

6.   许子东:自然死吗?
6.  Xu Zidong: They died naturally?

7.   窦文涛:就自然死亡,一个病了送医院,另一个也送医院,然后一个死了,十个小时之后另一个也走了,就是同年同月死。 而且你再看下边,这是他们年轻的时候, 这对夫妻,妙的是什么,这是他们的大家庭,当然有孩子,这对老夫妻68年婚姻生活,没有一天离开过,就是这68年天天在一起。
7.  Dou Wentao: Yes, one of them was ill and was taken to hospital, the other also was taken to hospital, then one died, 10 hours later the other also passed away, they died in the [same day]  same month same year. Also look at the next one, this is them when they were young, this couple, what’s wonderful is that  ...  [look at the next one] this is their whole family, of course there are children ... this old couple married for for 68 years, they were not apart for one single day, they were together every day for 68 years.

8.   许子东:怎么考证,怎么知道?
8.  Xu Zidong: How can you prove that, how do you know?

9.   竹幼婷:他儿子说的。
9.  Zhu Youting: Their son said.

10.   窦文涛:他儿子,来自英国大曼彻斯特区的一对夫妻,结婚68年来,英国《每日邮报》,英国可信度比咱高多了吧,英国每日邮报,一对夫妇结婚68年来,从未 分开过一天,然后父母一起走过一生,没有遗憾,他们不知道对方已经过世,走的时候都没有任何压力,他们俩非常注重家庭生活,就这68年这俩人唯一的专业就 是相亲相爱,过家庭生活。
10.  Dou Wentao: The son said. This couple from Greater Manchester, married for 68 years, according to the Britain’s Daily Mail, which are more reliable than our papers right? Britain’s Daily Mail: a couple married for 68 years, never spent one day apart. Next: parents spent their lives together, no regrets, they didn’t know the other had already died, there was no pressure when they died, family life was really important to both of them, for 68 years this couple’s only focus was to be devoted to one another, to live a married life together.


11.   竹幼婷:但就要长时间的分开过吗?
11.  Zhu Youting: But maybe they just mean they didn’t spend a long time apart, right?

12.   窦文涛:一天都没有,等于天天在一起,过这么一辈子,他也不烦,这种还真是,所以我说。
12.  Dou Wentao: Not one day. That means they were together every single day, that’s how they lived their life, they didn’t get fed up, this is really.... So I think...

13.   竹幼婷:变新闻吗?
13.  Zhu Youting: This has become news?

14.   窦文涛:对,所以是新闻啊。
14.  Dou Wentao: Yes, so this is news.

15.   竹幼婷:《每日邮报》这东西为什么变新闻呢?
15.  Zhu Youting: Why did the Daily Mail turn this into news?

16.   许子东:这就证明现在的夫妻很多时常发生[....] ,电视剧里。
16.  Xu Zidong: This goes to show that, with couples today, many stay apart for extended periods of time or keep their partner at a distance, and that something like this becomes news shows that people say "this is something special".

17.   竹幼婷:连英国。
17.  Zhu Youting: Even in England.

18.   许子东:这样的事情变成新闻就说明大家说这是奇葩
18.  Xu Zidong: This kind of thing becoming news shows that everyone says it’s extremely rare.

19.   竹幼婷:还有另外,我刚刚有看,曼彻斯特是不是乡下的地方?
19.  Zhu Youting: And also, I’ve just seen, isn’t Manchester a fairly rural place?

20.   许子东:最出名的就是足球队,工业城市。
20.   Xu Zidong: The most famous thing about it is its football team, it’s an industrial city.

21.   竹幼婷:是个比较相对不是那么城市化的地方,所以我觉得也可能是。
21.  Zhu Youting: Yes it’s not a particularly urbanised place, so I reckon this is possible.

22.   许子东:工业城市。
22.  Xu Zidong: Industrial city.

23.   竹幼婷:诱惑比较少,比较没有那么灯红酒绿,所以老先生也可以支持68年。
23.  Zhu Youting: Not many temptations, not much in the way of debauchery, so they old guy could hold on for 68 years.

24.   窦文涛:你把我们男的想成什么了,完全是因为没有灯红酒绿的原因,在村里是吧。
24.  Dou Wentao: That’s how you think of us men, it’s all because there was [debauchery], out in the countryside.


25.   竹幼婷:就是一个很大的原因,以前农业社会不也就这样。
25.  Zhu Youting: It’s one big reason, in the past life in the countryside was all like that.

26.   窦文涛:你听到这个故事你不喜欢吗?
26.  Dou Wentao: Do you like hearing this story?

27.   竹幼婷:我当然喜欢。
27.  Zhu Youting: Of course I like it.

28.   窦文涛:你希望这样吗?
28.  Dou Wentao: You want to be like this?

29.   竹幼婷:谁不希望,你不希望吗?
29.  Zhu Youting: Who wouldn’t, you wouldn’t?

30.   窦文涛:我当然不希望了。
30.  Dou Wentao: Of course I wouldn’t.

31.   竹幼婷:你不希望?刚才的新闻有人不希望这样。
31.  Zhu Youting: You wouldn’t? People wouldn’t like to live like what we’ve just heard?

32.   窦文涛:68年你天天跟你老婆在一块,他也不会希望的,谁希望啊,一天都躲不开啊。
32.  Dou Wentao: With your wife every day for 68 years, he wouldn’t want that either, who would? Couldn’t get away for one day.

33.   竹幼婷:结婚几年,你不要拉许老师下水。
33.  Zhu Youting: He [Xu Zidong] has been married for several years, you don’t want to take the plunge like Xu Laoshi?

34.   窦文涛:那怎么可能,没有必要吧。
34.  Dou Wentao: How could that be, no need for that.

35.   竹幼婷:那不过你不结婚,当你选择婚姻的时候,不就是你的梦想?当然我还是在说中间如果因为任何的理解什么不愉快要离婚这是一回事,我赞成的,但我说我们的理想不就是希望能够有这样的一天吗,所以当你结婚那天你是希望可以这样做的不是吗?
35.  Zhu Youting: But you’re not married, when you decide to get married wouldn’t that be your dream? Obviously if there’s some kind of understandable unhappiness and you want to divorce, that’s one thing, I’ve all for that. But I’m saying isn’t it some ideal we’re hoping for, to have this kind of life? So on the day you get married you’re hoping you can do the same as this, right?

36.   窦文涛:是。
36.  Dou Wentao: Yes

37.   许子东:希望一直在一起,但是不一定说天天在一起,天天、一生、365天,整天在一起,这是有点奇怪。
37.  Xu Zidong: You hope you’re together forever, but that’s doesn’t have to mean together for every day, every day, for your whole life, 365 days, the whole day together, that’s a bit odd.


38.   竹幼婷:奇怪?
38.  Zhu Youting: Odd?

39.   窦文涛:你看,你的观点我现在都完全了解,但是我要跟你说的是什么,你得知道世界是多元化的,包括男女在一起相处和生活的方式,一定是多元化的,比如说有 的夫妻就像这对夫妻很感人,他们愿意,这也是一种我们看了也很有意思,传奇,爱情的传奇。但是呢并不能够拿这个当成神圣价值,当成最高价值,说当成家庭模 范,五好标兵。陈光标全球首善,那不能这么弄,你不能因为这个否认了不能天天在一起的夫妻生活就不好。
39.  Dou Wentao: Look, I completely understand your point of view. But I want to say something, the world is a diverse place, and how men and women get on together and how they live together, that’s diverse too, definitely. For instance, there are some couples like this one, very moving, they want to, it’s something they think is really important, magical, a magical love story.  But you can’t hold this up as some sacred value, turn it into the most important thing, say they’re a model family, XXXX. XXXXX.  You can’t turn it into that. You can’t say that a couple’s life together is no good just because they can’t spend every day together.

40.   竹幼婷:是,我没有说不好,我只是说他应该是其中一个范本,但我没有说是唯一。
40.    Zhu Youting: Yes, I didn’t say it wasn’t good, I’m just saying it should be one model, but I’m not saying it’s the only one.


41.   窦文涛:而且这是个值得研究的现象,天天在一块,至少我觉得他们俩就会长的像,这个平常咱们见到过,就是两个人越长越像。那天我们俩说,我们几个同事在 说,就说两个人感情好,的确会发生这种现象,就像你们女生,过去在大学宿舍里同学四年,大家的大姨妈的周期慢慢就找齐了。
41.  Dou Wentao: And this is something worth researching, being together every day, at the very least I reckon this couple would start looking like each other, we see that all that time, two people looking more and more like one another. The other day the two of us were saying, well talking with some colleagues, that when two people get on well, you’ll definitely find this kind of thing, like you women, living together in the university dormitories for four years, everyone’s time of time month ends up coming at the same time.

42.   竹幼婷:这你也知道啊,感觉你比我熟。
42.  Zhu Youting: You know about this eh? I reckon you’re really knowledgeable.

43.   许子东:你这个知识范围懂这么多。
43.  Xu Zidong: You know about all kinds of things.

44.   竹幼婷:超广的。
44.  Zhu Youting: Too many things.

45.   许子东:超出我的想像。
45.  Xu Zidong: Too much for me to imagine.

46.   竹幼婷:连学生宿舍的事您都知道,你最近都在约会大学女生是吧?
46.  Zhu Youting: You even know what goes on in student dormitories, are you dating female students these days?

47.   窦文涛:不是,我当年在大学。
47.  Dou Wentao: No, back when I was at university.

48.   许子东:已经到这样的深度。
48.  Xu Zidong: You already had this advanced knowledge.

49a. 窦文涛:我当年在大学就以听房闻名,他长的像。所以那天我们几个同事还聊,就说会有一种非常尴尬的情况,要是公司里的俩同事不是夫妻,但是在十多年的同事中,大家发现这两个人越长越像,那不是一件很尴尬的事情吗?
49a. Dou Wentao: Back then at university I heard about it by listening outside the window. They end up like one another. So when I was talking with some colleagues, there was a really embarrassing situation, if  ... there were two colleagues in the office who weren’t married, but had been colleagues for more than 10 years, everyone thought these two looked more and more alike, really embarrassing don’t you think?


49. 竹幼婷:你就知道发生什么事就好了。
49. Zhu Youting: You really ought to find out what’s going on there.

50. 窦文涛:发生什么事。
50. Dou Wentao: Yes, what is going on.

51. 许子东:你是这个意思,没有反应过来,我还以为公司里大家服装受影响,互相追时髦这样的意思。
51. Xu Zidong: Ah that’s what you mean, I hadn’t thought about it like that, I thought you meant it influenced what people in the office were wearing, following the same fashion, that kind of thing.

 52.窦文涛:不是,所以为什么,我为什么我老说非常敬佩王蒙先生,王蒙老师,就是你看我上次我就说,这世界上你会有很奇怪的事情,开放的人不会讨厌保守的人, 可是总是保守的人有机会讨厌开放的人,就比如说虽然咱们说乱搞男女关系不好,但是你也没见过乱搞男女关系的人谴责那些不乱搞男女关系的,你只见过不乱搞男 女关系的去谴责乱搞男女关系的。
52. Dou Wentao: No, so that’s why, why I always say I really admire Wang Meng, teacher Wang Meng, because like I said last time, it’s one of those strange things about the world, open-minded people won’t hate conservative people, but if they get a chance it’s always conservative people who  to dislike open-minded people. For instance although it’s not good for people to sleep around, you’ll never see people who do that criticising people who don’t, you just see people who don’t sleep around criticising those who do.


53. 竹幼婷:可你不是常笑我很保守,然后很傻,活在古代吗?你也常取笑我啊。
53. Zhu Youting: But don’t you often tease me for being conservative, say I’m stupid, that I’m living in the past? You often make fun of me.

54. 窦文涛:你这叫正常,我为什么我说王蒙啊,因为他夫唱妇随过去在圈子里是有名的,但是他以他这样一个人,他却从来就说他不喜欢讲我这个,他说你讲我这个东 西好像感觉说离了婚的或者说有一些婚外恋这种情况的人,难道他们就不够先进,他们就是不好的,我这就是好?他说我没有这个想法,甚至他会说我只是比较幸 运,可能我找着了,但是也有的人他们可能在婚姻方面有更复杂的情况,甚至于提到过一个东西,他说你比如说哪怕就是说婚外恋的情人,他说你要说他不道德,他 说我首先就反对,他说因为我就知道一个,我们的一个老大姐,我们身边的一个女同志,他说因为很特殊的一个原因,她就是当了。
54. Dou Wentao: That’s a good point. Why do I mention Wang Meng? Because he’s famous among those around him for having a happy married life, but the kind of person he is, he always said he won’t say that kind of thing, he says if you say that, it’s like I’m saying, people who divorce, or people who have some kind of affair, is it really because they’re not advanced? They’re not good people? Am I saying that? He says that’s not what I’m thinking, he even says, it’s just that I’m lucky, I found (the one I was looking for), but some people having an affair, maybe they have a more complicated situation. He even mentioned one thing, he said, for instance if you’re talking about people having an affair, he said if you want to say they’re immoral, he said I’ll disagree right away, he said becuse I know someone, an older sister to us, an old comrade, he said because of a very particular reason, she had an affair herself.


55. 许子东:我知道他说的是谁。
55. Xu Zidong: I know who he’s talking about.

56. 窦文涛:我都不知道他说的是谁,当了所谓的。
56. Dou Wentao: I don’t know who he’s talking about , who it is.

57.  许子东:其实我们很尊敬的一个。
57. Xu Zidong: It’s someone we really respect.

58.  竹幼婷:赶快写小本子告诉我名字。
58. Zhu Youting: Quickly write down her name for me.

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16 许子东:这就证明现在的夫妻很多时常发生,电视剧里。
This just proves something that happens with lots of modern couples – in TV shows.

not sure if I've understood this.


23 比较没有那么灯红酒绿

not much in the way of debauchery

must be a better way to translate this?


33.  竹幼婷:结婚几年,你不要拉许老师下水。

33.  Zhu Youting: He [Xu Zidong] has been married for several years, you don’t want to take the plunge like Xu Laoshi?

not sure if that's what she means by 下水


39. 传奇,爱情的传奇

magical, a magical love story any suggestions for a better translation?


39. 当成家庭模 范,五好标兵陈光标全球首善

Don't know what these phrases mean (though the gist is clear).


49. 竹幼婷:你就知道发生什么事就好了。
You really ought to find out what’s going on there. -- is this right?


52. 开放 open-minded?

乱搞男女关系 sleeping around?


54: 你这叫正常

Couldn't work out if he meant 'yep you're right about that' or 'you're always right/proper'.

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5 相隔    xiānggé    1. separated by (distance or time etc)    
8 考证    kǎozhèng    verify something;  to do textual research    
10 曼彻斯特    Mànchèsītè    1. Manchester    
10 每日邮报    MěirìYóubào    1. Daily Mail (newspaper)    
10 可信度    kěxìndù    1. degree of credibility; 2. reliability    
10 相亲相爱    xiāngqīnxiāngài    1. to be kind and love one another (idiom); bound by deep emotions
18 奇葩    qípā    1. out of the ordinary; 2. rarely seen    
23 灯红酒绿    dēnghóngjiǔlǜ    1. lanterns red, wine green (idiom); feasting and pleasure-seeking; 2. debauched and corrupt environment    
40 范本    fànběn    1. model (example worthy of being imitated); 2. template    
41 大姨妈    dàyímā    1. great aunt; 2. (slang) menstruation; 3. period    
41 找齐    zhǎoqí    1. to make uniform; 2. to even up; 3. to make good a deficiency    
49a 听房    tīngfáng    1. to eavesdrop outside bridal bedchamber (folk custom)    
52 敬佩    jìngpèi    1. to esteem; 2. to admire    
52 乱搞    luàngǎo    1. to make a mess; 2. to mess with; 3. to be wild; 4. to sleep around; 5. to jump into bed    
54 夫唱妇随    fūchàngfùsuí    1. fig. the man sings and the woman follows; 2. fig. marital harmony
54 婚外    hūnwài    1. extramarital    


学识    xuéshí    1. erudition; 2. scholarly knowledge    
德育    déyù    1. moral education    
违禁    wéijìn    1. to violate a prohibition or ban; 2. prohibited; 3. illicit    
智育    zhìyù    1. intellectual development    
百分    bǎifēn    1. percent; 2. percentage    
巴结    bājie    1. to fawn on; 2. to curry favor with; 3. to make up to    
相助    xiāngzhù    1. to help one another; 2. to come to somebody's help    
裁定    cáidìng    1. ruling    
因数    yīnshù    1. factor (of an integer); 2. divisor    
会宁    Huìníng    1. Huining county in Baiyin    
物理学家    wùlǐxuéjiā    1. physicist    
风流    fēngliú    1. distinguished and accomplished; 2. outstanding; 3. talented in letters and unconventional in life style; 4. romantic; 5. dissolute; 6. loose    
贤妻良母    xiánqīliángmǔ    1. a good wife and loving mother    
辩词    biàncí    1. an excuse    
讲道    jiǎngdào    1. to preach; 2. a sermon    
天分    tiānfèn    1. natural gift; 2. talent    
共同体    gòngtóngtǐ    1. community    
颓废    tuífèi    1. decadent; 2. dispirited; 3. depressed; 4. dejected    
活不下去    huóbùxiàqu    1. impossible to make a living    
悲凉    bēiliáng    1. sorrowful; 2. dismal    
设定    shèdìng    1. to set; 2. to set up; 3. to install; 4. setting; 5. preferences    
管制    guǎnzhì    1. control; 2. supervision    

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Nice selection, the topic is reasonably accessible material for intermediate learners.


Small correction:

24.   窦文涛:你把我们男的想成什么了,完全是因为没有灯红酒绿的原因,在村里是吧。
24.  Dou Wentao: That’s how you think of us men, it’s all because there was no [debauchery], out in the countryside.


As for other translations of debauchery:

- hedonism, immorality, temptation

- opportunity to stray, opportunity to play around


I think hedonism captures the meaning well but it's a bit of a formal word.


39. 传奇,爱情的传奇

I've seen 传奇 translated as legendary.  But here I'd say "Fairy-tale romance" or "A real fairy-tale romance" or "storybook romance".
Or even "A real happy-ever-after story".
开放 - this seems to be a commonly hard to translate concept.  If being polite we might say "sexually liberated" or "open minded" or "modern sensibilities".
But in Chinese cultural context it seems to be also indicating propensity to cheat in marriage.  A complex topic.
乱搞男女关系 -  seems like sleep around, be promiscuous.  Or maybe be unfaithful, or cheating, infidelity if context is marriage.
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This just proves something that happens with lots of modern couples – in TV shows.

From what I can hear, he says something like 这就证明,现在的夫妻很多常时分开,保持距离,这样的事情变成新闻就说明大家说,啊,这就是奇葩啊。I.e. This goes to show that, with couples today, many stay apart for extended periods of time or keep their partner at a distance, and that something like this becomes news shows that people say "this is something special".

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