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Uahhh! Already snow? ;__;


I think I'm not ready! XD


I'm very excited about it, and well I want to ask something about Harbin if someone know please tell me. Is there in Harbin shuijiao restaurants? I love them and I'm craving for them, when I was in Nanjing it was pretty usual food, I hope there is in Harbin too.



Hi Nataliebb! Nice to meet you. I'm still not sure when I arrive to Nanjing this wednesday I'm going to do the visa though.





Hi Ramiro! Encantada!! Where are you from in Spain? What kind of winter do you have there? a very cold one?

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Is there in Harbin shuijiao restaurants?


Yes: An excellent small chain of them called 饺子王 (Jiaozi Wang.) Once you get settled, ask a Chinese friend to point out one near where you live or work.




Also plenty of others. Shuijiao are popular 东北 Dongbei food.

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I think you would not know my place, it is a small place in the north: Aranda de Duero, in Burgos, is in the mountains, one of the coldest places in spain, -7º or -10 degrees at the worst part of the winter, and the weather in Harbin these days is getting closer and closer to that temperatures!!!!! Espero tengas un buen viaje!

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abcdefg! That's lovely! Thank you very much! I'm sure I will go, shuijiao in winter is the best! XD


Ramiro that's pretty cold for Spain! 



I have more questions! About the public transportation. Does it in Harbin exist a card or you have to buy a ticket each time you ride a bus or metro?


PD: People do you have wechat or qq?

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Thanks for all the advice about vegetarian food in Harbin everyone, to be honest I'm just really excited about experiencing a new culture and cuisine even if I have to compromise and do a bit of trial and error! 

When are you travelling Judith? Do you have a lot of luggage with you?

Does anyone know a good place for home basics, like Duvets, pillows etc? I have a feeling these might be the first things I need to venture out and get! 

Also, does anyone recommend any particular make of mittens for the cold that they've found to be good? It's the last thing on my list that I need, and I know it'll be one of the most important! (Prefer mittens over gloves). 

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Emily I still don't have the plane ticket. Today I went to the embassy for the visa, next wednesday I will have my visa, and then I will buy the ticket, but I guess I'm departing around the 13th of Nov, arriving at Harbin on the 14th maybe. I think I will bring a bog suitcase and the hand one, the think I'm worried about is getting on the train from Beijing to Harbin alone ;__; I always have problems with trains in China, they are my nightmare.


About the mittens ... I really don't know I hated them since child, not useful for a person like me. I use gloves, I'm sorry I can't help you with that. Maybe you should go to a sports shop and look in the sky section if they have mittens.



Hey Natalie Welcome there! There is chilly and here with a light cardigan we are suffocated ;__; why so different? XD

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That makes two of us - I haven't got my plane ticket either! I only received my official invitation documents in the post from China this week, so I am going to submit my Z Visa application on Monday, and hope it will be done in a few days.


Does anyone have experience Z visa applications at the UK embassy (particularly Manchester!)? I'm hoping it's a quick turn around! 

I hope to fly around the 7th November, so we'll both be new in the city at the same time! Good idea about Ski shops for mittens, I also like gloves (good for photography) but have heard mittens are warmer! 

Hi Natalie - hope your journey was good, where did you fly from? Hope you're all settled in ok. Are you in Harbin for long?

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Thanks Judith! Emily, I flew from London. In my experience both Edinburgh and Manchester visa centres are more pleasant than London. I ended up going to London though because I had somewhere to stay.

I haven't properly been outside as I was straight into a car from the airport but I didn't find the afternoon too cold although nighttime is below freezing.

PS I also hate travelling by trains, its so crowded!

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Quite a lot more money then! Good idea to get a train! 

I hope it's quicker too! I really want to head out as soon as possible as otherwise I'll be needing to wait around near the embassy! I've finished work in the UK now too, so want to get over to start work in Harbin as soon as possible! I think maybe you can pay more to get it 'fast tracked'.

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