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how to pronounce my tionghoa name in hokkien?


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my tionghoa name is 景福,,,

in mandarin pronounced WU JING FU



how to pronounce my tionghoa name in hokkien??


(FYI, tionghoa is chinese indonesian.... sorry i dont use 'chinese', because I am indonesian, not chinese..... chinese indonesian commonly known as tionghoa... so ethnically i think that i am tionghoa, not chinese. peace. no offense)


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my tionghoa name is 景福



Use the Choán-lâi choán-khì, 轉來轉去(转来转去), Taiwanese Minnan character/Romanization converter. I got JWAHN LWAIH JWAHN HEUIH from the Minnan Romanization even though I don't speak Hokkien and my native dialect is Taishanese which I find quite remarkable.   :)


It's a set phrase, so, this is kind of a play on words thing going on.   ;-0


Entering the Chinese characters on the right side. And after selecting the desired Romanization scheme, click the Choán lô-má-jī, 轉羅馬字(转罗马字), button and you get.


Gô͘ kéng hok


Be aware that most Chinese characters have more than one reading, so, this might not be correct. It would depend on what reading was desired.


According to the 台語線頂字典 online web dictionary, 吳 has a reading of gô͘ and ngô2.


I once had a work mate from Vietnam whose surname was Ngo and one from the Philippines (suppose he was of Hokkien descent) and his was written Go.    


Whenever I saw the guy from Vietnam, I always remembered that children's song, Bingo.




People didn't know how to pronounce his name so some just spelled out the letters N-G-O. So that song would play in my head. B-I...N-G-O, B-I...N-G-O, B-I...N-G-O.   :)


They both could read Chinese newspapers, but, the one from the Philippines reading was the real surprise. Most ethnic Chinese from the Philippines are 2nd or 3rd generation and are no longer able to read Chinese.




景 may be pronounced kéng or éng.


福 (the hok of Hokkien) has a reading of pak in addition to hok


Hope this helps.



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Isn't tionghoa 中華 in Hokkien? So I believe tionghoa just means Chinese. //EDIT: Translating tionghoa into English is complicated though, sorry if I offended you. I understand you want to assert you are not tiongkoklang when you say you are not Chinese. But in English the word "Chinese" can mean tionghoa or tiongkoklang both, so... @[email protected]


About the name reading, as I said in another topic, For Hokkien names, usually the 姓 (family name) is in 白讀 (peh tak), and the 名 (given name) is in 文讀 (bun tak). Embarrassingly, I can't seem to find any dictionary that tells me which readings are 文/白讀, so I can't help you pick the correct readings. Maybe if you find such a dictionary this can help you though.

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