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Question from a newcomer......


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Hello all, I've been lurking here for awhile, trying to learn some new things, I am finally "brave" enough to post.....Ha! my question is this..

our company is doing business with a company in china, the young man I have been working with has done the MOST outstanding job and we have become friends. I would like to send some things over from the USA, but he is quite shy, (excellent manners) and wont give me any ideas. Perhaps some of you could help? Sadly, I have to admit, that before reading here I had absolutely NO, knowlege of Chinese culture, language etc.

I have asked him about CD's or DVD's he may enjoy, or anything else?

I am trying REALLY hard to not be a brash, pushy....american ;0) but he has come to mean alot to us, and I would like to do something special for him.

any help will be appreciated, and I look forward to meeting you all and reading what you have to say! bye for now!

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A picture book of Minnesota or USA would be a good choice. It doesn't have to be one of those huge hardcover "coffee table" books; a nice paperback with lots of photos would suffice.

For Christmas you can send him a 2006 calendar with seasonal depictions of USA life.

DVDs are abundant and cheap in China. He'll probably see the latest Star Wars flick before you do.

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Thank you so much for responding!! I really appreciate it.I'm glad to see I was on the right track, I did send over a glossy picture book, actually I found one of my hometown, by accident. So I wrote in the book, places I used to go and hang out. people I knew etc. because of my lack of knowlege of his country and culture I had absolutely no idea what to do. I didnt want to send something he could get down the street...kind of defeats the purpose!!! Although through this site I am trying to learn more. He really is a terrific young man and thankfully he is patient with my "learning process". I did ask about sending him some music, he didnt think it would get through customs..is that a big problem? and how do I find out what I can and cannot send over?

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The issue with music is that he can undoubtedly get virtually anything either on pirate CD or by downloading it. I'm sure the gesture would be appreciated, but it would be a bit of a waste, unless maybe it was a particularly nice boxed set or something he'd said he couldn't get hold of in China.

Thinks with 'local flavour' are always appreciated - local foodstuffs / products are common gifts between Chinese people (God help anyone in my office who doesn't come back from a trip home laden with local snacks) . Maybe something sports related - football jersey?


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ah ha ha ha ha Gary Soup, I'll get right on that ipod! The box of things I have already sent is taking FOREVER and a day to get there, he' s probably thinking by now I never really sent it! good idea on the jersey, never thought of that, I just have know idea what he has available to him, if its basically the same things I have here? So I went more toward some gifts of a "local nature", and would like to continue in the future. Perhaps someday I may even travel to China and deliver in person???!! Oh, wait, need a passport, airfare.....oh yeah and I dont fly......hmmmmmm maybe not!

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