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Does anyone have any experience with grad school programs in Taiwan?

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I'm guessing this is the right sub-forum to post on, but if not, I'm sorry. I have a couple questions:


1) Applications: Does it matter whether you apply on the first date applications open or on the last day? Are seats filled as the time goes on and if you apply towards the end, you aren't as likely to get in? I'm just wondering because my university probably won't send out this semester's grades until around Christmas and some of the Taiwanese universities I'm looking at, do open applications at the beginning of December.


2) TOCFL requirements: I noticed that universities differ in the level of Chinese they require but a large majority of them do want a TOCFL completed. But if the dates for the TOCFL in America are the same as this year, then I wouldn't be able to take it until early May, which sadly is after most universities stop accepting applications. Will I still be able to apply without this being done?



Also,any other tips/words of wisdom, or if anyone has specifically been in/currently are in a program that wasn't/isn't Chinese or an international program conducted exclusively in English, I would be interested in hearing how that went.


Thank you everyone !

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You will be severely chastised for insinuating that Taiwan is not in China.


OneEye did get in a graduate program in Taiwan (although I think he recently left it), and as it happens he has a thread where you can ask him questions.

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I graduated from NTNU two years ago, I'll be happy to help with anything I can about life and academics in Taiwan. Unfortunately my knowledge about application process is definitely outdated but I might be able to help with other aspects. Feel free to send me a private message!

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I got an M.A. in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language. When I applied it was the usual paperwork, including the language exam (called TOP back then, it changed a lot since) and because of our field, we were required to submit a hand-written resume. I'm sure you won't need that if you're applying to other fields. We did not have to take any exams, but our Taiwanese classmates had to do that. I think every school and department has different rules about that.

At my department we had local and foreign students together, we attended the same classes and had to meet the same requirements. (Or almost, since they were allowed to write their thesis in English if they choose to, but we had to do it in Chinese)


I don't know which universities and departments you are interested in, but I would highly recommend to try and get in touch with current foreign students there, so they can help you with the most up-to-date info. Also, if you haven't done it yet, you can look into scholarship options, I got 3 years of support from the Ministry of Education in Taiwan for my M.A. degree, and though I know the rules have changed since then, I'm sure there are still things available. Good luck!

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