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Need help with movie title

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Hi all


I've been searching for the name of an old movie I watched a long time ago as a child (1980s). I don't know the name but remember some plot details. Please help if you can


It was a Chinese movie and the characters spoke Cantonese. I'm pretty sure chingmy yau was in it but not as a main character but as a character who gets possessed


The movie starts off with an old Taoist/exorcist (typical white old bearded man) who wields a glowing yellow sword. He fights a demon known as "blood demon", unable to defeat the demon he seals it away in a mountain with big chains and a seal.


Many years later two Taoist battle each other and inadvertently lets part of the demon escape in the form of a female ghost


the main hero (poor guy) and the main villain (rich person) is fighting over a girl (chingmy). The villain is seen to be beating up the hero at the start until the hero's sister comes and beats villain up.


Later both the hero and the villain becomes students to one of the Taoist who were battling earlier.


The villain turns out to be born on a bad day/month/year and the female ghost seeks him out and he is used later to revive the blood demon


I remember one of the Taoist stores 2 vampires as pets in an umbrella. One vampire is fat and the other thin. There is also a scene where one of the vampires takes his head off and they throw it to each other. This Taoist is the one who receives the hero as a student


There is also a glowing yellow sword which the hero needs to kill the blood demon, there is a part in the movie where the sword gets stuck down a well. The vampires help retrieve it.


As movie progresses the villagers/chingmy and the hero's sister gets possessed. Only gold needles can be used to revive someone.


I think that's all I can recall. Its a pretty old movie and I've looked around in vain but cant find it. If anyone knows the movie title either in Chinese or English let me know


Thanks!! ^-^


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捉鬼公司(the seized limited company)

U can use Baidu to search the keyword "Chingmy Yau" and get the information u wanted.

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Thanks for your reply, but that isn't the right one. I've checked most of chingmy yau's list of movies to look for it but because she isn't the main actress it isn't one of her listed movies (or perhaps she chose not to have it listed?). The movie is set in Chinese medieval times so its not in a modern setting.

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