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Language schools / universities with quality language programs in Qingdao


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Hi, all! I am planning to study Mandarin for a year in China, so I am trying to decide where to go. I will be going on a pretty significant scholarship, so the money isn't really an issue; I just need to find a quality program. I studied Mandarin for a semester already in Shanghai (at East China Normal University). I have thought about just returning there and doing their language program again but at a higher level. However, I feel like I should explore going to a different part of China.


I've been researching different cities, and Qingdao has stuck out to me. From what I've read, it's a beautiful coastal city and was even ranked the best place to live in China. So I'd like to know if there are any good language programs in which I could enroll for a year (and by a year, I really mean about 40 weeks). When I studied in Shanghai, I took group classes. This time, I would prefer to have one-on-one lessons with a school that also provides accommodation. These requirements don't have to be met; I am just listing my preferences just in case there is such a school in Qingdao.


Thank you so much for the help!

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I've been to Qingdao and it was not bad, but I surely don't find it attractive enough to live there. Looks much nicer online then it really is. Where on earth does it say it's the best place to live in China? I couldn't disagree with that statement more. If you're attracted to coastal cities I'd suggest Xiamen over Qingdao any day.


I'm not aware of any Chinese language programs in Qingdao although you could certainly search on google. Another, better option would be to take classes online.


<Admin Note: Removed gratuitous link promoting the online Chinese tutoring company you work for.  Please read our guidelines for commercial posters, especially the parts about disclosing when you have a connection to a business you are promoting, and the 'posts and relevance' section that explicitly says not to do the exact thing you've just done here>


Good luck

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Ocean does have some decent feedback, but it's not one on one. To be honest if you have a chunky scholarship to spend which will run to one-on-one tuition, I might be looking at one of the better and / or foreign run options. CET in Harbin, IUP in Tsinghua. Are these options? 

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Thanks, guys! I actually was interested in doing CET's program in Harbin, but from what I read they only allow student's who are already at a high intermediate level or above to participate. I would still consider myself a beginner having only studied for about 6 months. :'(

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