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English Books for Chinese Children (5-12 y/o)


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Hello all,


I was hoping for some help. I am trying to compile a list of childrens books for a range of English levels. I am in the process of making our school library bigger/better and more modern.


Our school teaches Chinese kids ranging from 5 to 12. I am really interested in books that would be suitable for ages 5-8 but, so far, I only really have two series of books suitable which are ...


Oxford Reading Tree with Biff, Chip and Kipper - all ages


That's not my puppy (and various other animals) - 4-6 year olds


There is also Roald Dahl books for older students (8-12. e.g. Dirty Beasts, Revolting Rhymes)


Does anyone have any suggestions?


Thanks so much.




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Are you interested in more academic books, books for enjoyement or both?

Some suggestions of books I read as a 5-12 year old include:

younger students:

-If you give a mouse a cookie...


-the velveteen rabbit

-dr seuss books


older students:

-charlotte's web

-trumpet of the swan

-charlie and the chocolate factory

-a wrinkle in time

-the giver

-the hunger games


-the bridge to terabithia


But, it really depends on their reading levels. Hope this helps...

-the bridge to terabithia

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Our school teaches Chinese kids ranging from 5 to 12. I am really interested in books that would be suitable for ages 5-8 but, so far, I only really have two series of books suitable which are ...


If it's only for inspiration about what is available you might look at Amazon in the childrens section you can select an agegroup. If it's to cover specific needs we should know what these specific needs are.

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This thread is pretty old but no one responded. I bought some books ages ago, I'll post a list of what I ended up with when I'm not on my phone.

I was looking for general books, reading for pleasure/fun.

Books more resembling novels like The Hunger Games or Charlie and the Chocolate factory are way above the level of the students.

I ended up with books like "fly guy" (a few from the series), Oxford learning tree, Henry and Mudge, ...

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I've just seen this thread now and I'll mention a few books - I don't remember all the authors and I'm too lazy to look them up.


1) There are lots of graded reader series, some of which are quite good. Dorling-Kindersley publish many non-fiction titles which might appeal to children who are not natural readers but like factual things.

2) Anything in the "Frog and Toad" series by Arthur Loebl (think that's correct). Actually anything by Arthur Loebl at all. Heck, I enjoy him.

There's enough repetition of words to help reinforce but the stories are also quite fun with a nice humour. These are also part of a graded reader series.

3) "Fancy Nancy" books (which I can't stand but one daughter loved). Very much girls books though.

4) Amelia Bedelia (ditto) Also in a graded reader series. Quite a bit of word play in these books which is quite heavy-handed but may make it more accessible to non-native speakers.

5) Richard Scary books (although a little dated)

6) Dr Suess books

7) The Magic Treehouse series. They are badly written but it seems a lot of children like them as first readers.

I've seen all of these for sale in Shanghai, so they may be easily available in Beijing.

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