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Where can I download/buy Lust, Caution Chinese subtitles?


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To make your task even more complicated, it seems there are very different video versions of this movie out there, with different scenes either included or cut to satisfy the whims of the various censors in the Asian market. So keep in mind where you bought it when you search for subtitles. 


I think I remember hearing that there were five different version of Infernal Affairs, ostensibly because they thought different endings were more appropriate for different markets, although later, it may have had more to do with the makers realizing that there might be a market for sequels and spin offs.

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Try Pirate Bay and check the subtitles before you download the torrent. All other sites seem to be down :(

I wonder if you will catch the wordplay with the title and the ending.

About Infernal Affairs, they were right about the market for spin offs, one of them even won an Academy Award.

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Thanks for your help, I went on an open subtitle site and managed to find subs for the complete version. I'm curious as to why the mainland version cut the sex scenes - given that they do not seem to conflict with any party ideology. Is this simply because of cultural sensitivities?

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