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Learn Chinese in China

You wanted me to come back this forum and tell my experience, should I?


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Do you seriously think on reading the content of the forum that it is sponsored by the Chinese government?

In other news I hear Middle Eastern Dialogues Forums is sponsored by ISIS.

Seriously though, do tell us a little about yourself and what you would like to discuss.

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You must be the only person on the planet who thought China was 'socialist'.


But again just a litany of complaints about everyone except yourself.


You came to China and it wasn't what you expected. Get over it and you might actually find it is something else entirely which isn't necessarily bad. 


Your suggestion that this site is a Chinese government conspiracy is ridiculous beyond words. Nor are we all "staunch pro-china". As I mentioned before I hated my first two months in China and there are still aspects of China I don't like, starting with the self-appointed idiots in charge. But in the 19 years I've stayed, I've found much to delight in. But then, I'm not a selfish idiot who wants everything here to be some pipe dream or fantasy.


Nor do I go about insulting people by calling both Chinese people and other foreigners "retarded".


Grow up!

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That's hilarious, seeing as I actually am a student right now, and seeing as the point you're attacking is actually in your favour. The analogy is that the what is sold may in most ways be very similar to what is delivered, but the differences (the fact it's taught in Chinese/the fact it's made out of apples) make it completely worthless to the consumer (as they don't speak Chinese/are allergic to apples).

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The thing you have to understand about Chinese universities is that nobody gives a damn what the lectures are about and how are they handled as long as everyone gets their diploma. All the Chinese care about is the university's name, because it affects one's employment prospects. Nobody's actually interested in learning anything, everyone just goes through the motions until they get their diploma.


Had a long talk with a Chinese person on this topic the last night and the above was basically her response.

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I'm not into feeding trolls but I want to set a few things straight for posterity:


the first Chinese citizen who I interacted was the Taxi driver who scammed me 300 Yuan from airport to HIT.


Taxi drivers do that everywhere.


in a far away hotel named yin yuan or something, located in who-knows-where.


TJNU put me up in a hotel. I found the address on the internet because internet. Five minutes of planning got me a long way.


This is where I find another personality trait of Chinese people, they think they are in fact the center of world, is something so deep in them, that they can't conceive how a person cannot speak chinese


You're in a Chinese university to study advanced topics, and you're wondering why people assume you can speak Chinese? I wouldn't dream of studying anything but Chinese in China unless my Chinese ability were up to scratch. This is obvious.


Re 'centre of the world': I've never come across that. Never. Yes most can't speak English well or at all because they're in China. To expect people to switch into English just for you is pure arrogance.


You would say, hey take it easy, they are trying to be nice, but no chinese students are not nice, indeed they has not being helpfull


I've been three times. I've spoken to several hundred people, including several dozen students. Not one was rude. Not one.


China won't miss you. Neither will this forum. Take your harmful racism, your ungrateful shouting and your mind-blowing ignorance, and clear off.

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Sujeto has been messed around by his university and the complaints seem perfectly justified. I'd be angry and frustrated too. It looks like sujeto was responding to a request to report back, and if the experiences have been so negative, it's understandable that the post if full of complaints.


I'm not sure whether you saw sujeto's pre-deletion posts in this thread. What at first looked like a panic attack turned out to be a lengthy string of disgraceful bigotry and absolutely no gratitude for all the help other users offered.

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