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Three Treasures of Northeast


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Many people say that there are three treasures in the Northeast:

人參 貂皮 烏拉草

And in Jin Yong's novel, the 烏拉草 (wula grass) is so magical that if you stuff some inside your shoes, your feet can withstand the minus 30 degrees frigid weather in Manchuria!

But actually what is 烏拉草?

And IMO 鹿茸 should replace 貂皮 in this animal right era.

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踏头苔草ta4tou2tai1cao3 ("靰鞡草wu4la5cao3"也做"乌拉草wu4la5cao3") Carex tato

莎草科植物. It's original name means "靰鞡riverside 草grass" in Manchurian. They look like long green reeds and they grow by the riversides. They're used in making the traditional Manchurian shoe called "Oulaq" 靰鞡wu4la5. It uses deerskin or more commonly oxskin for the exterior and stuffed with 靰鞡草 in the interior.

-Shibo :mrgreen:

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