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Students halls/accommodation in Dalian


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Hello guys!!


Well I'm new here so I hope someone can help me out!


I'm currently studying in France but I'm going to Dalian next month to study at Dalian University of Foreign Languages for one semester. Now that I have (more or less) the rest of the stuff Under control, I would like to start looking of a place to live during my stay. The problem is I can't find any information about accommodation in Dalian. As I am just staying for 5 or 6 months, I would like to apply for a student residence located in the campus but I don't know how or where to apply. Can we apply online; through the Uni website, or do we need to apply once we are in Dalian?


I would REALLY appreciate your help!!!!


Thanks a lot!

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Hi there


I can't answer your question fully, but I can tell you that 大外 (as it's known) is a very long way outside Dalian, and is not especially close to the centre of Lvshun, the "district" where the whole campus was relocated to.


I know various teachers there, and many live off campus, and spend a lot of time commuting each day. For students though - it may be that you are required for your visa to be on campus? I have no idea about that, just speculating


Sorry I can't help more with actual accommodation issues. Any questions about Dalian feel free to ask

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Hey Michael!


Thanks a lot for your answer! Well, I do know Dawai is far from the "city centre", so I prefer to stay around my uni, so that I can get there in a few minutes. I also guess there is not much to do around Dawai, is there? If we wanna go out we need to go to the city centre, isn't it? It's my first time in China and I am bit scared by the size of the city and also quite lost... :conf  are you still living in Dalian?

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There are a lot of restaurants and shops just outside the university gate, mostly on a road called Seafood Street (海鲜街). There is a bar as well, though I've never been. It's just students and teachers, obviously.


Also right on your doorstep will be Dalian Medical University, which is much prettier than Dawai, and which has a beach and a couple of coves. That's very pretty - I spent Christmas day morning on one, nobody else around.


A taxi from Dawai to the city centre would cost about 100RMB. There's also a university bus for 8 kuai, but it's a bit erratic in terms of time. The centre of Lvshun is much closer, but I have no idea what's there.


I teach in a different university in Dalian, but am down south travelling at the moment (nothing to do on a Dongbei campus in January/ February, except maybe have snowball fights with stray dogs...)

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