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Chinese Newspapers Most Easiest To Read?

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I have looked through the forum and so far haven't seen any question or answer to what Chinese newspaper would be the most easiest to read. My ambiton is to read a Chinese Newspaper by the end of 2015. I have started to learn to read on 19th October 2014 and by Christmas I started to read a number of graded level one reading books and also I am able to read level 2 readers by now. More on my mission and about my findings and progress is here:



So fare I have found one newspaper for the intermediate level in Chinese. It is a dedicated section in the online edition of Global Times called Target Chinese. http://language.globaltimes.cn/category/for-intermediate/target-chinese/.


I have analysed the Global Times Target Chinese newspaper and created a frequency list. With this list I created two courses on memrise. The first course with 750 characters  http://www.memrise.com/course/533424/1-read-chinese-newspaper-frequency-list/39/ I have completed today.


I have looked at Chinese Tabloids and also looked for newspapers targeted to the population on the countryside in the hope to find a newspaper that would be the most easiest to read based on the number of different characters used. So far what I have found online none of them seemed to be very easy to read. 

But it is not only the newspaper in itself but also the various sections. I only have the assumption that a section that talks about food and cooking could me more easy to read then a section economics or science.  The linguist Jun Da who did a thorough anlaysis on characters used in newspapers in general but never got the funding to dig deeper and I identify what section of the newspaper needs what minimum number of characters for someone to know to be a fluent reader .


Therefore I turn to this group with two questions:

What is the first section, type of articles chinese children would be able to read first in a newspaper?

What newspapers are available for the beginner level ?

What is the most easiest to read newspaper (online)?


In the west I have observered that most non-native speakers would turn to tabloids first before they are able to read other type of newspapers.


Any help and advise is much appreciated. Thank you.



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Tabloid newspapers are generally more difficult to read. In any language. They use more colloquialisms and journalese etc much more than the 'serious' press, if any such thing exists in China.


Local newspapers tend to be my favourites. And possibly easiest. 

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I'd agree with local papers - you're more likely to get narrative man-bites-dog stories than abstract political and economic stuff. 

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