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Quick Canto TTS Voices Comparison


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Which one do you like best or is most intelligible and correct: 1, 2 or 3? Each sound file contains three voices roughly matched for speed and pitch.



tts test.mp3



tts test2.mp3


To me, errors like using a wrong tone must count heavily against. And I find changes in speed worse than changes in volume. On different sentences they take turns in their rankings, but I think one of them is definitely the worst and I posted to tell you about it. (Don't know how to make a "spoiler" so I'll tell you later which is which.)

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Thank you Shelley.


The first voice is Google TTS.


The second voice, and winner by a small margin I think, is Microsoft Tracy, free with Windows 8.1 (?) as far as I know. It sounds less human but its delivery is steadier most of the time, so I think it is the most intelligible.


The third voice, and to me easily the worst, is Nuance Sin-Ji. I paid for it some time ago because I was initially impressed but upon close listening I don't like it. At least on the texts that I've tried it gets more tones wrong and has more artifacts. I'll stop at that.

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Thank you for your replies. 

I agree that #1, Google TTS, is the best. I didn't mind that MS Tracy sounds less human, and being a SAPI voice I can control it on the desktop, but Google TTS's consonants are generally better-formed. Want to hear a good representative example?


(Aside from MS Tracy possibly parsing this dou6 seoi2 wrongly as the word dok6 seoi2) Google TTS is better in several places, most noticeably in the final g.



sip3 si6 jat1 baak3 dou6 seoi2 zau6 wei5 gwan2.

Google vs Tracy.mp3


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