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>>"If you wear glasses always be aware of them when in the squat toilets."


And why is that? Do you worry they will fall off your face and wind up down the hole? Sounds like a strange concern to me. My toilet at home in Kunming is of the "squat" variety, and I have not lost my glasses there yet.



>>" Whatever you do, don't forget the Gastro-stop."


Does this mean you often have trouble with diarrhea when traveling in China? How odd. I seldom do. Perhaps we have different physiology, or perhaps we select our food differently.

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If you do forget to take your tissues with you, then search for a US fast food chain. Most of them try to ensure there is a toilet roll of toilet paper in their western style toilets. If you're somewhere more rural, well you'll learn never to forget next time!

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Chris Two Times

I found the advice from the initial post to be excellent.


Finding a laudromat? No...but finding a ma and pa laundry service? Should be able to.



- don't be offended if the local hotels don't allow you to live there.  They just don't want to do the paperwork.

- try the "ru jia" national hotel chain if you want to save money.


I do get offended if the hotels refuse me.


I have found that "ru jia" (如家) is actually a chain that turns foreigners away. On the other hand, I have had much better luck with "7天“ and haven't been turned away from them (yet).


Chris Two Times

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Look at the Rujia website; it shows whether a particular property accepts foreigners:



("F" in circle means 可接待外宾)


The Qitian website doesn't show this information, but according to this recent post, the Qitian app does show it:





Here's a video a guy took of his discussion with the front desk of a Hanting that didn't want to take him, though finally he got the room. It's a scene that will bring back memories:



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