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Hello. Could someone tell me how much lessons one group of children have per week or month in kindergarten and school? I wonder how many different lesson plans do I need for a month. For example, did one group of children in kindergarten have 1 lesson of english everyday or once a week. As I understand 1 lesson plan for a day is enough, because oner group don't have two lessons of english per day and you can repeat this lesson for other groups? If they follow the same teaching plan ofcourse.

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I have never taught kindergarten, but when I taught (public) primary school, I had nine classes of 60 kids, each divided in to a and b sections. I saw each group of 30 kids once a week, so I made a single weekly lesson plan. My impression is that this kind of schedule in typical for foreign teachers in public primary schools, but I'm sure it varies.

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At a private language school it's usually two hours a week with the same class, either on two different week days or both hours at weekends.

I've also taught in a school where it was 2 hours a week in one two hour block with 1 hour done by an FT and one by a Chinese Teacher.

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