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Learn Chinese in China

Hey everybody! Was wondering if some Chinese speaking people could help me!


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Hey everyone, as my username suggests my name is Zach, and like the majority who post on here I may possibly be teaching English as a second language in China! I have an interview in two days (would rather not say the company, hope you understand!), and I have a little lesson plan I hope you guys can help me with! First off, I am a 25 year old recent college graduate from the United States, and as other people have wondered on other threads I am a Caucasian male who is a native English speaker. I have also had about a year and a half to two years volunteering in the local elementary school with second graders, so I have a little bit experience teaching English to people who may not know that much about it :) The place I am applying for is in the city of Shenzhen, which I picked from between that, Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou.


For my interview, I am suppose to create a little (1-2 minute) start of a lesson plan on some sentences that are alike, and to explain if it is beginner, intermediate, or advanced for learning English.


If I have some people post on here that would be willing to help, I would love it! It shouldnt take too much time, and it would truly help a guy out. I love teaching / helping others, and being able to get paid and travel would be a dream come true! I shall be posting in the other threads / forums while hopefully someone can spare some time and I explain the plans :)

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to create a little (1-2 minute) start of a lesson plan on some sentences that are alike, and to explain if it is beginner, intermediate, or advanced for learning English.


I think this is what the OP wants someone to do.


Not sure its a fair thing to ask as it is for an interview,  I think the candidate should pass or fail on their own merits.


Not sure though, may have misunderstood.

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Why Chinese speaking? Are you meant to be handing something in in Chinese? If so if you post what you've got in English someone might help you translate it. I don't think anyone's going to actually write the thing for you though. 

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Nice to meet you Zach. I am female, English is not my first language, and I am not blond. The yin to your yang. 


I'm not sure what you are asking for, but you can easily get a job teaching English in China (since you are not me haha). Maybe you should sign up for the CELTA and learn how to teach better. Shenzhen is great for people who want to travel. 

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