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Applying tysond's way of using WorkAudioBook and subs2srs to learn by watching 虎妈猫爸


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I am making another post yet to get some technical assistance.

I just spent some time rereading tysond's post titled WorkAudioBook - a tool for listening practice (and subtitle creation). Until now, my favorite way has been to do sentence mining and shadowing the sentences that I want to cover as I constantly test my ability to recognize the sentences written in the Chinese characters using Anki. Also, I spent last few days watching 虎妈猫爸 and I quite like the drama. I think it's interesting enough and has a good variety of characters speaking. The theme doesn't bore me too much. So, ideally, I'd like to spend time watching the drama going over scene by scene everyday and mining the sentences from the drama into Anki and shadowing often.


So, the issues I have are

1. The preparation.. I just spent some time reading the manuals of the programs mentioned in Tysond's post and his instructions. I am overwhelmed to say the least.

2. I am aware that getting the subtitles for the Chinese TV productions are hard, even if most of them already have the in-screen subtitles.



What I described in the first paragraph, learning from the drama, is what I really want to be doing in the month of June.



Realizing these main issues, I will spend some time following tysond's instruction on using WorkAudioBook for SlowChinese.com.



If someone is willing to assist me and answer questions that will be mostly tech-related, please message me with your email address or Wechat ID or Skype ID.

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I understand what you mean.


Well, I meant to say that I have not yet actually tried out following the instructions.

So, I have no specific question yet. I meant to spend some time playing around on my own and come up with actually useful questions. I am sure sharing here so that more people can see will be more helpful for both me and the other readers in the future.


If I receive someone's instant messenger ID, like Skype or Wechat, I figured that then I can talk to that person quickly.

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I'm with Roddy. I'm fairly technical, but I could easily see myself wanting to do something like this someday...but having questions. If you could be so kind as to ask your questions here on the forum, and answers are forthcoming, it could be helpful for many.

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And I'll be happy to answer questions too :-)  Please ask them here, I will try to give quick responses over the next few days.


It is a bit technical.  Actually sometimes I go back to my own post as a reference because if 6 months passes, and I get a new PC, I kind of forget how I did it all last time.

So I tried to document it completely for my own sake as well.  


Best to choose a scenario that's not too complex - Slow Chinese is a relatively straightforward one.  

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I successfully followed tysond's instruction on marking the timing with the existing transcription for Slow Chinese audio material.

I have attached this file.


Then, after downloading subs2srs, I now have the .tsv file and media folder.



Importing Into Anki is the step that I am stuck on now.


I suspect that the Field Mapping step is faulty.

Take a look at the attachment file named abc. Left is the sample from the subs2srs usage page and right is what I have.

Then, not knowing what or how to fix, I clicked import and ended up with only 2 cards.

The very last step of Importing into Anki clearly states that I may delete the placeholder card.

So I don't worry about this.

But, the only card remaining shows not what I want to see.



Moreover, I intend on using the Recognition format of the Chinese Support plugin for Anki.



So, how do I format the Field Mapping so that it's identical to the Recognition format and how would this affect the placement of media files, the recording extracted from the Slow Chinese recording split into small parts?





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Your fields are imported in the wrong order.  


Don't use the order that's in the documentation - that's just a sample.  The actual order depends on whether you have video/audio/how many languages etc.

When you run subs2srs it will pop up a small window saying it's finished, and what the fields are - #1 - Sequence Marker #2 Subtitles L1 #3 Audio  #4 whatever #5 whatever ....


I always leave this window open and then match up the fields. 

When I did slow Chinese it was:  Sequence Marker, then Sound, then Hanzi.


You can open the TSV file and check what is in what position yourself - it looks like this (opened with wordpad, notepad can probably do it fine too).


Slow_Chinese_1_1 1_01_0.0.25.129 [sound:Slow_Chinese_1_1_0.0.25.129-] 端午节
Just delete the messed up deck from Anki and try re-importing.  
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Regarding the recognition format - I don't think there is an issue with the card layout.  Once you get the data into the cards, it's really just about how you want to use Anki.


As long as the Sound/Audio field has something like [sound:Slow_Chinese_1_1_0.0.25.129-] then Anki is just going to look for a file called Slow_Chinese_1_1_0.0.25.129-


When you use subs2srs it makes lots of these MP3s and puts them into a Slow_Chinese_whatever.media folder.

Copy all the MP3s from that folder into your C:\users\yourusername\Anki\yourprofilename\collection.media folder and it will find them.  

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I feel silly but I don't know how to do the mapping part.

I believe that I have set the fields identical to the list of fields in the small screen that poped up when subs2srs finished doing its thing. I still do not see any card.


Please help. How exactly do I do this part?





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Hi. Thanks to those who got in touch and provided help.

I successfully followed tysond's instruction for mapping the fields and crt32's comment on

setting it to "Import even if...". Now, I get an error message that says "The first field of the note type must be mapped", when I click import.





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So I finally got 49 cards after importing with correct field mapping settings.

Now, I want the cards to look like the "recognition" format.


Assuming that the Card Types for the sub2srs should be the same as the Chinese(advanced), the one for"recognition" format,

I copied and pasted everything in the Front Template, Styling, Back Template, from the latter to the first.

Then, my cards look like... not what I want to see. It's missing pinyin and the meaning field.






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I've used Chinese Support before to fill in cards and it worked fine.  


But i also had some card types that it just won't work on.  I have no idea why.

I ended up just importing into a simple card type, running the plugin, and then converting to the type I usually use.

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I had a couple of extra problems that I overcame in troubleshooting


A) I couldn't get subs2srs to work. It just wouldn't run. It was an up to date version. Solved by reinstalling susb2srs.


B) Anki - couldn't fill in pinyin despite having the chinese plugin. I deleted the plugin and reinstalled it with the latest version. Works fine now.

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