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Guest nitrogen

Do You Agree that Rock Is the Music of Teenage Rebellion?

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Guest nitrogen

First I translate a passage.

Rock Music is popular in America in late 1950s. It is not only a new kind of music form but also a debating forum for American young men to express their thoughts of (towards) this word and life. On this debating forum, singer spoke of their opinion (towards) of civil rights, war and peace, and expressed their dissatisfaction with this society, and sang of a range of emotions between love and hate. In one word, on this forum youth redefined their beliefs and feelings of American society. The early main representatives of Rock & Roll include Elvis Presley, singer and poet Bob Dylan, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones etc. All of them were culture heroes the young men worship.

Second, I write a composition.

“Do You Agree that Rock Is the Music of Teenage Rebellion?”

1. A general statement of your position;

2. Two or three arguments with a supporting example for each.

In fact I only know few kinds of Musical form, for example, Folk Music, Jazz, Pop Music, Classical Music, R&B, Country Music, and Rock ‘n’ Roll. Rock Music is popular among Young people.

When People meeting frustration, encountering unfair treatment, not realizing their ideal, they always want to relieve their feelings. This time you can use all kinds of methods, including listening to music, having sports, doing some shopping even doing your housework. Music is one of the most effective methods to relax selves so it is accepted widely. Rock & Roll is noted for its rebellion, abundant meaning, and special expressional method. On this debating forum, singer spoke of civil rights, war and peace, poured out the dissatisfaction with this society, and voiced a range of emotions between love and hate. In my opinion, other music forms can also express those feelings or content. In one word, content is more important than form.

Rock Music was melted R&B with Country Music. This new music form injected fresh air into our musical world. It made our musical world no longer dull and monotonous, whereas more colorful and amusing, providing more imaginal space. Because young people always accept new thing easier than old people, young people do love Rock Music so fantastically otherwise old people do exclude it so strongly. In the other word, people dislike Rock Music can reject it as if it not existing. In any case, Rock & Roll bring different feelings, fresh air and special musical flavor. We can face it like other music. Please love those spirits of creating music and respect those composers and singers.

On the whole, I don’t agree Rock Music is music of teenage rebellion.

The End, Please give me some advice. Thank you very much.

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One recent day in Beijing I came across a shoe store blaring loud rock music (Scorpions!) on two giant speakers at the entrance.

I suppose it was meant to attract those rebel teenagers but I observed two teens who were repelled by the racket.

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Used to be.

Now it's just golden oldies for the oldies.

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Guest high_criteria

the question is what kinda rock r ya talkin bout? well if its a classy one then its not me! if ya talk bout alternative rock, nu metal, hard rock, garage rock...hell ya i m into it!!

its just a taste of ppl...some might find it awesome and encouraging(includes me) while some might just say its a noise...they have their freedom to not listen it. but those who say its a noise or it sucks...i have to say they dont know music!!

well i too dont think rock is a teenage rebellion coz there are lots of em who are stickin to other type of music....

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