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Recently I have noticed that there have been a few questions concerning how to study or how to improve study.

I have shared my study plan a few times in an attempt to help. Rather than having to repeat myself and to get all of this type of advice in one place, I thought it might be a good idea if people shared their ways of study, not just what study materials but also how you divide your time between various activities and what each person considers important or invaluable to their study.


Here's my plan:


I will start with the materials I use, the first version of New Practical Chinese Reader textbook, workbook, audio and video. I also use Pleco, Hanzi Grids and occasionally Skritter. I listen to Pimsleur when I have time. I also try to watch and listen to CCTV 9 Documentary when possible, and expose myself to as much Chinese language and culture as I can.


My routine is to read through the dialogues, read the notes and the grammar, then listen to the dialogue mp3 with the text in front of me, then listen to it again without the text a few times. Then I read the dialogue again, check I am happy with my understanding and do the same with the second dialogue of the lesson.


Then I put all the characters (words) into Pleco and spend some time reviewing and testing those. Then I start the exercises in the text book and work my way through them. I write as much as possible using characters, so for example the substitution and drills section I write out fully each one with all the different possibilities. This helps reinforce the new characters and the sentence structure.


I then watch the video, this can clear up some things I may have not quite understood, I usually watch them a few times more when I have a moment spare.


I then move onto the workbook and work my way through that.


Then I go back and cover up the pinyin and read the dialogues again and if I feel happy I have grasped the meaning I move on to the next lesson and start over again.


I will review and test the characters using Pleco and actual paper flashcards throughout the entire time I am learning that lesson, but also at other random times, in the doctors waiting room, waiting in a long queue etc.


I also practice writing all the characters from the lesson using Hanzi Grids as well as the practice in NPCR.

I also like to write little stories, only a few lines, a short paragraph using the new words and new sentence structures and grammar, These I will write using pinyin on my phone or tablet so I can concentrate on the structure.


My weak points are lack of speaking and tones. I feel my strength is in learning characters and words.


My one indispensable tool is Pleco and I really like using Hanzi Grids. I think the NPCR series is good for someone like me who is self studying, there is also an answer key so you can see how well you are doing :)  .


It takes me about 2 weeks to complete a lesson, putting in about an hour and half to two hours a day. I study for pleasure and have no deadlines or exam dates so I may miss a day here or there.


Some of the above has been taken directly from other posts I have answered but it seemed pointless to rewrite it all.


I look forward to reading peoples study regimes, I am always keen to learn some new study methods.


I also hope it may be of help to others.

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@Shelley when you speak of video you watch on NCPR where do you find them??

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I think that they are all available on YouTube but I'm in China without VPN so I can't check.

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Yes they are available on You tube, sorry if you are behind the GF.

I am afraid I am not able to help with the technical side of VPN, but this what you need to access You tube.

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