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Accommodation in Chengdu, Etc.


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I'll teach English at the University of Electrical Science and Technology in Chengdu this summer, and the school will provide me with free accommodation while I teach. However, I may opt to arrive in Chengdu up to ten days before I'm scheduled to begin teaching, so I'm trying to gather information regarding the cheapest places to stay during this period. I've found a few guesthouses and hostels online and can even reserve a room at some of these places online, but I'm hoping that someone who's been to Chengdu might be able to tell me which places are the best in terms of price, safety (basically just don't want my laptop or camera stolen), proximity to "everything" (I'd like to explore the city on foot as much as possible), and proximity to the university at which I'll teach.

Also, there's the issue of whether I should arrive early in Chengdu to familiarize myself with the city at all. My flight to China will arrive in Shanghai, and for now I'm planning to take a train directly to Chengdu; however, I could just as easily spend a week elsewhere before going to Chengdu. Given that my plan is to spend approximately a month in Chengdu before going to Beijing to spend almost six months, what place (roughly along the route from Shanghai to Chengdu) would make for an experience that significantly contrasts with those I'll likely have in Chengdu and Beijing?

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Contact your school. I am sure that if you gave them enough notice, that will arrange for the accomodation to be ready for you early. They will probably pay the additional 10 days as well (or if you have to - it will be a lot cheaper than staying in Chengdu independently).

The school should also be arranging transfer from Shanghai to Chengdu for you at the schools cost. If they know what time you will be arriving, this should also be sorted.

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None of the cheap, hostel-type accommodations are convenient to the university. If budget is paramount, yeah, try the school. You'll be riding a lot of buses or taking taxis to get to places, though, because the school isn't in a very interesting part of of the city. Depending on your priorities, then look at the Traffic Hotel first (transportation out of town, restaurants, shopping, convenient to get to just about everywhere in city via bus), Dragon Town Hostel second (hutong setting, very near Renmin Park, and long walks (or short ways by bus) from some other cultural sights/places to hang out), and then a tie for third between Holly's Hostel (Wuhou Ci tourist zone and Tibetan shops/restaurants) and Sim's Cozy Guesthouse (apparently the nicest, most helpful owners, closest to train station, and geographically the closest to the university...although that's just map-close). If interested in the Dragon Town, double-check with them because the cool little hutong where it's located is on schedule for the Chinese Cultural Tourism redevelopment treatment, 5-star hotel and all...you could be staying in the middle of a pre-construction site.

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I think I probably will end up staying at Sim's Cozy Guesthouse. It really does look kind of cozy. The location seems OK, too, since it's only 2.5 km from the city center.

I found a good map of Chengdu, which I found by clicking on Wtanaka's second link and then clicking on the link for the Soma Hostel (map of Chengdu: http://china.tyfo.com/int/cdguide/map/cdmap1.htm). Sim's is located in cell F6 (http://china.tyfo.com/int/cdguide/map/3_9%20copy.jpg), though it's not displayed on the map. Does anyone have any favorite places I should be sure to check out during my approximately month-long stay in Chengdu (i.e., nice restaurants, good places to shop, good places to walk and mingle, pretty scenery, historical sites, etc.) -- preferably places that I could locate on the map?

I've also been wondering how inexpensively one can get accommodation in Shanghai since I'll be there for two or three days before going to Chengdu. Does anyone know the name of a decent but relatively inexpensive place?

While in Shanghai, other than sightseeing, I'll mostly be waiting anxiously for my train ticket to be delivered to my hotel since I plan to order the ticket online. Anyone know a good website for this? I found one on which I can reserve a ticket, but the mark-up from the actual price of the ticket is pretty hefty, so I'm hoping there's a cheaper site out there somewhere.

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I will be going back to Chengdu in the end of Sept. We go back every couple of years. Everytime we go back, I cannot believe the changes.

Big things to see would be Leshan, Mt. Emei, and Jiuzhaigou.

I really though Dujiangyan was cool because I got to ride a two hump camel, go across a suspension bridge across a scary river, and ride a scary lift which gave me an awesome view. It’s not to far away like the others from the city.

The things I look forward when going back inside the city is getting some snacks from the street vendors. People from Xinjang that setup nice little yummy barbeque stands in the middle of the street only to have police come and put out their coals while your enjoying their barbeque lamb specialty. I can't wait to go to this little noodle shop that is really close to the stadium and get me some spicy sesame noodles. Chinese beef jerky! Oh, I can’t wait. McDonald's has got the old fried pies. Not baked. Pineapple pies are the best.

I remember in Beijing, I was craving an American breakfast so I popped in to MickyD's and spent 3 bucks US. The wife went next door to the Chinese joint and spent about 45 cents and got a ton more food. I felt stupid. Her food tasted better. While in Beijing, make sure and find a little Beijing pancake for breakfast from a street vendor. Awfully tasty! Besides food, shopping, shopping, and more shopping. I'll load up on coats, suits, and sports clothing.

The taxi prices in Chengdu are super cheap quite unlike coastal cities. You can catch a taxi and drive dang near east to west for a few bucks. By foot is cool, after you take the taxi to the local area. Buses are slow just like everywhere else in the world. I don't have the patience for them. Once you leave Chengdu, your going to miss how rich you felt.

As far as the hotel situation goes, I agree with phbriggs, have someone at the college make some arrangements for you. Express your interest and concerns to them. Keep an open mind and don't be afraid to express your desires because with an open mind, things happen. See about possibly arranging a guide/driver for a day or so. It may cost you little to nothing. It might be arranged and paid for you. If not, it would probably be best for someone to at least negotiate the price for you. I know that you can find a really nice hotel from anywhere from 10 bucks US to big dollar international prices. If you do the shopping yourself, your more and likely going to get the foreigner price. Once you start to know some folks, get a Chinese counterpart you can trust to hang out with you or sometimes you'll get the shaft when buying stuff. Keep in mind that everything is negotiable.

Its cool to make 'general' plans but ya might find yourself scrapping them when introduced to the real situation.

At any rate, enjoy your trip!

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LP Thorntree has a lot of references to Sim's. I'm curious what makes you rank it third below the others you mentioned?

I ranked them based on the OP's stated and implied priorities, not on the basis of friendly owners. Traffic Hotel: on the river, more than a dozen city bus routes next door or a short walk away, next to Xinnanmen Bus Station for easy getaways to Leshan, etc., nearest to Western conveniences...Dragon Town: atmospheric, walking distance to Renmin Park, possible walking distance (or short bus ride) to Qintai Lu, Baihuatan Park, Qingyang Gong, etc....Holly's: Wuho Ci, Jinli Lu, Tibetan shops, pretty OK area for walking but a bit far from other areas of town...Sim's: friendly owners, near train station, near Wenshu Temple, not near anything else.

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