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4 Year Business Visa - Overstayed exit and re entry in the 60 day period


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You know the saying, "ignorantia juris non excusat"? (Ignorance of the law is no excuse).

As a foreigner in China, this is generally the attitude of the local authorities. It is your job to know and understand, no one else's.

That being said, while they are pretty strict, they tend to be very forgiving as well. But don't go at them with the "woe is me, how was I supposed to know!?" attitude. It won't help much.

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  • 8 months later...

Well...Finally had some time to get back to this post ...

The fine was levied to a couple thousand thanks to a friend working in customs !


I would like to point out some facts to a few of you ! 

Number 1 ...they will usually not impose a fine up to 30 days after the fact ! A day later and youre at their mercy !



"Interesting. What would happen if you stayed say 3 months out of China?
Perhaps you have a link to an embassy page or Chinese government website that explains this new Canada visa rules?"


As I said before, the rules were not laid out from the Travel Agency on the Visa Terms !

Yes, was to cross the border every 60 days ! Not 56 or 54 just 60 ! You can go anytime but 60 is just fine ! Like I said, if I had crossed within the 30 day period after, they wouldn't have hit me with the fine !

I Can leave China as long as I want and return on the same Visa ! If thats a year later, no problem ! I was actually out of here for 3.5 months last time !


As far as pointing anyone to an Embassy or anything like that on these Visas, If you are Canadian or US then whom ever you get your Visa from should be able to help you out ! I dont know anything about the embassies nor care too :)

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By the way...If anyone needs a Travel Agent to obtain up to 10 years with these same terms let me know I'll be glad to hook you up ! (Canadians and US residents)

I only got 4 years because of the expiration date of my Passport !

I am going to renew my passport later because now Canadian passports can get 10 years !

My passport expiry was too close to expiry to allow me 5 years ! Another money scam as there was more than enough time on my passport !

Previous to this, when I mentioned I was getting the 5 day Visas, they wouldn't give me a 6 month China Visa because my passport only had something like 7 and a half months ???

Seems to me...7.5 months is longer than 6 months !

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Previous to this, when I mentioned I was getting the 5 day Visas, they wouldn't give me a 6 month China Visa because my passport only had something like 7 and a half months ???

There's a rule about only issuing visas for periods up to 6 months before your passport expires. (ie for a 6 month visa, you need to have a year left on your passport.


I don't understand why though. (Any ideas folks?)

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