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Hello guys,


So, a school is offering me a teaching job in Beijing paying RMB 10,000 a month. No more benefits at all.


I am not a native speaker but I only have slight accent. I have taken a few courses to reduce it.


I have a University degree from the states. I have lived in 6 different countries for a minimum of 3 years which gives me the flexibility and quick adaptability they would like.


I also have a TESOL certification from the states.


I can teach other subjects too, even though they are only hiring me to teach ESL.


What do you guys think about this offer?

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8-10k is pretty standard starting salary but usually they either give you an apartment rent free or a housing allowance to go with it.

Rent is my single biggest cost and its probably the only thing that's really on a par with back home. if you're on 10k you will lose a quarter of it to rent - depending on whether you share or live a lone it could be even more or a bit less.

Then again, If you're a non-native speaker I'd think hard before turning down any legitimate job that offers the correct visa (assuming this is one). I say this because technically they should only be able to hire native speakers (judged by your passport, not actual accent).

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Thanks for your reply ChTTay ,

Yes, the job does offer a work visa.

I do have a University degree and a TESOL certificate which are pretty valuable too.

I'm dealing with a third party company, so based on some research I believe that they are taking a big chunk out of the pay check. I'm trying to find a school on my own but it's been pretty difficult.

Your explanation sounds very reasonable to me 10K plus allowance for rent, that's all I'm asking for too, but they are not willing increase the deal apparently.

I'm trying to secure a second job too...

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Honestly, a degree and TEFL/TESOL are standard. Most people applying for jobs here have them. The only thing that might set you apart would be if your major was in education or you're already a qualified teacher (in which case, look at international schools).

Also, when you say you have a TESOL, is this an accredited one or just a "TEFL". The distinction being one (like the CELTA) is internationally recognised and accredited while the other is usually a 1-2 week or online thing.

If it's the latter, it doesn't really open any door in so much as if you don't have one of these, a lot of schools will just make you one and add it to the application. Some jobs might pay you more if you have a cert. but I've not found it that common in Beijing.

Where are you looking for schools? Daves ESL cafe is a good place to start.

Our school gets teachers from "Teachers for Asia" sometimes. They are a recruiter.

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Thank ChTTay,


I did my TESOL on my own paced, it took me about 4 weeks because I joggled a few things at the same time... My major is not in education...


Thanks for the school, I'm going to see if I can contact them.


I'm going through a list I found on google, also a third party company here in the States got me the first contract...


Thanks again!

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