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X-2 Visa length of stay


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I have recently been accepted for a 4 month scholarship at Chongqing University and have just recieved my visa documents. Theres a couple of things I want to know before i go ahead an book fights and stuff.


Q1. With an X-2 visa, how long can i enter before the period of study starts? I plan to get there 3 weeks early to travel and catch up with friends


Q2. Is there any such thing as a 4 month X-2 visa or will i be given a 6 monther? I plan to do a bit of travelling after Ive finished my course aswell.


any help would be greatly appreciated.



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As no one has responded yet, I was under the impression you only had 15 days from the date of entry before you need to go register with your school etc


Your X visa should match up to your semester so you wouldn't get much extra time once the semester has finished. The University might be able to help you get a tourist L visa once your X has finished. My University would do this for you...

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As I understand it 


Q1: It will be up to the embassy to issue what they decide. Anyone I know just got a visa coinciding with the dates on the JW201/2 form and just matched the study dates. You can ask your university / language school for some leeway. I did but only got a week


Q2: The 6 months is the maximum stay, not a set period. My fellow students are on X2 visas but only covers the period they are actually registered for study give or take a few days. Maybe some language schools will give you a form to say you will be studying for 2 3 weeks more than you actually are. The whole X2 Visa  issue seems a little negotiable from my investigations here. When I inquire about this its usually, "you can talk directly to the boss", so appears that schools may be willing to stretch it a bit. Given half of them are empty, I think you may be able to negotiate  


Now different embassies locations may relax it a bit. For example I was told that its harder to obtain a visa in the London Embassy than the Manchester Embassy in the UK


Finally this is what I am lead to believe. I could have this all wrong so wait until the more knowledge people come on.

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I get x2 one entry visa. I study mandarin in a private school. 6 months almost ends and I need to go back to my country to apply new visa. 


do you know any private schools provide JW202/JW201 so I can get 1 year X1 visa so I dont need to go to my country every 6 months?


waiting your reply 


thank you

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I am going to study in China next year for one semester. I asked for 180 days and just go my X2 visa with 180 days, while my total study length is around 110 days. So I guess it depends on your Embassy and on what you ask for!

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Chinese embassy in Hong Kong would only give 150-day X2 visa even though I asked for 180-day X2 visa because on my JW202 notice it said my study period is February-July which they count as 5 months because they count from the middle of February to the middle of July. Welcome to China.


They also only gave me a single entry X2 visa.


So, fyi, the chinese embassy in Hong Kong seems quite strict with these things.

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