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Writing in blank paper

Shi Guangli

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I have a question about actual writing (not sure this is the proper place).


Lately I've been using squared math paper (with little 5x5mm suqares), and I write so that the characters ocupy 1x1 cm boxes each. However, I really would prefer to write on white paper, since all the lines make the whole think heavy looking and harder to read.


I've heard that wiritng top to bottom with dim vertical lines makes it easier, but I'd like to know how do you do it or how you would do it. Anything simple with as few guidelines as possible would be great.


Keep in mind i'm on a beginner level and using simplified characters. If it helps, I have no trouble writing down characters with acceptable proportions and correct stroke order.

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I used to try using squared paper as you described but now I use ordinary lined paper and write in between the lines not on them.


Here is a post I made about writing and I had posted some of my writing. You can see what I mean if you have look http://www.chinese-forums.com/index.php?/topic/47964-writing-practice-what-should-be-my-goals/


You could use a piece of paper with lines on it under another piece of blank paper so that it looks like you have not used lined paper, but you need heavy lines and relatively thin paper.


For practising characters I use Hanzi Grids  http://www.hanzigrids.com/


It is very reasonably priced and well worth the cost.


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My method (also simplified).


1. Paper. 7mm ruled A4 leafs.


2. Make a guide.

On the top line of the page, I write out first the 20 letters of the English alphabet, evenly spaced, in capital letters.

Initially I used a ruler to ensure the guide was evenly spaced, but do it enough times and you become the ruler.


3. Write double spaced.

Use the full vertical range between ruled lines, and aim to for the horizontal spacing of your characters to line up with the guide. This applies to punctuation as well.


I have been doing this every other day for the past four months, and now rarely bother with the guide line.

Initially the 7mm vertical space felt too cramped but that feeling has gone away.
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