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Learn Chinese in China

great study booK's in traditional Chinese characters?

躍龍 :)

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Hey everyone,

I just discovered this website today- I am so excited!

A quick overview of my language experience, so you know where I am coming from. I have studied Chinese for 4 years in high school and have continuedV to as a hobby in college. I also studied abroad in Taiwan for a semester, which helped improve my language skills a ton!

I wanted to know what are your favorite books for studying Chinese, particularly grammar and sentence structure.

My goals are:

To increase my sentence variety in my daily speaking

To understand sentence structure like an English teacher understands English grammar up to an intermediate level (ex. I couldn't fully explain 吧,過, but I use them in sentences, and I would need to think to even use intermediate phrases like 過著,看著, etc.). And to be at that level with engkush as well. I want to be able to teach English to Chinese speakers and vice versa.

To be able to efficiently translate songs from English to Chinese( I want to make a YouTube series ofbme singing Disney songs in Chinese, and eventually perform as a musical theater performer all over China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan!).

I want to read like a native, or at least be able to get through a book, without having to look up a word every five seconds.

What books do you think would help me with my grammar in that way? Let me know and thanks a lot!

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Hello and welcome.


There was a discussion about Chinese grammar books here http://www.chinese-forums.com/index.php?/topic/46180-intermediate-chinese-grammar-online-edx-course/


In that topic I do a little review of two of the more popular grammar books at post #84, it may be of help.


Both use traditional and simplified characters .


Hope this is a helpful starting point.

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