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How do you deal, with the Chinese sentence, with a ton of commas, that just goes on and on

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I agee with roddy. I don't see a problem.

Why do you think you can take up a translation job if you can only read 1500 characters?

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Your two examples above are baby sentences in comparison to some Chinese sentences. Take this sentence here:














Obtained from page 6 of this:



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不好意思 in response to receiving a gift = "You shouldn't have". 

That could mean; "You shouldn't have, because I feel embarrassed that I have nothing in return or I don't deserve it."  :) - or - "You really shouldn't have, because I now I feel like I owe you."   :wall




Oh brilliant.   This has been bugging me for over a year.  


 See, that's the problem with posting here.  I think a lot of you are at a very advanced level, and you assume that everyone else must be as advanced as you. 




Apologize if I was rude.  If you ignore all the "Mine is longer than yours" comparisons, I hope you still got some helpful advice from this thread.


Learning Chinese is just a very humbling experience.

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If it makes you feel any better, people actually go to school to learn how to make adjustments in syntax when translating because of things like this.

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