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Studying other languages in Beijing

Chris Two Times

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Chris Two Times

One reason why I really like Beijing is that in addition to continuing my study of Mandarin here, I can easily work on other languages as well. There are plenty of resources here in the capital to keep me busy with foreign language study.


I came into Beijing with a high level of German and an intermediate level of Japanese. I can continue to work on both of them here. I like it that there is a Goethe Institute here and I really should visit it more often (I am on their mailing list--lots of good cultural offerings in German). I bought a book by Schnitzer from the foreign languages bookstore in Wangfujing and have been reading it.


I've put aside my Japanese study for the moment, but I feel I could work on it again here in Beijing as I have enough resources around me to do so, particularly at this university where I'm based.


Since there are so many Korean students here, I've decided to begin learning Korean. I have a tutor who helps me out. I'm just interested in getting the basics at the moment: learning to read hangul and getting some basic phrases and vocab under my belt.


I do like it that hangul and Korean products are pretty much all over the capital. That gives me a basic exposure to the language that I can appreciate.


Any other anecdotes/experiences about studying other languages in Beijing?


Warm regards,

Chris Two Times

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(I realise this is a dead thread, but please forgive me - I couldn't help myself.)


There's a Goethe institute in Beijing? Awesome! May I ask roughly where it is and what services they have available there? I have (well, had) an upper intermediate level of German, but having not used it 4-5 years it's become unbelievably rusty. I'm planning on tackling European languages once I have a comfortable HSK 5 pass (240+ on the test is my 'pass mark') and German's very tempting.

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Chris Two Times







...also a Cervantes Institute for Spanish (great library!) and Alliance Francaise (2 actually, 1 on BLCU campus) for French:






...also a Korean Cultural Center (good library):




I am wondering if the Portuguese and Italians have such centers, I guess a simple Googling would take care of that.


Oh! I just found this!



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just found more information pertaining to my post
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