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Any good private schools in Dalian?


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Hey GregorSamsa,


I see that you saw my earlier post. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions. I had a great time studying in Dalian this summer. I was warned that the wind blows pretty fierce during the winter. Good luck.



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Eion seems like i can't Pm you as i am a new member so i'll have to post here.


I already studied chinese for almost 2 years in Rome and i just found the moneys and the time to go to china; i'm going solo as i think is the best way to force yourself to speak a hard to learn language as chinese (btw as you probably realizedi'm not really good at speaking in chinese). 

I heard that the pollution level is not high as north-mailand china and that there aren't many westerners as in beijing or in other big cities. I'm aware that in summer the pollution is way lower that in winter so if you don't know, no problem.


Please, tell me more about your experience in Dalian!

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hi gregor,

the pollution is not a problem in dalian. you will get a few peaks throughout the year but it is absolutely bearable. Just make sure you put on the mask when you see its smoggy outside...

as for the schools mine closed already... 


iMandarin has centre,



TLI has center as well



another one



the bigger the school the more you will pay for tuition fee normally... If you have your visa sorted out the best is to attend their free lesson and check out each teacher. 

if you go to the bigger ones expect to pay about 120 Yuan per hour, if you to a private teacher of small school you will pay about 60.

good luck

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