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Why chinese people often repeat the same verb twice?


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Why chinese people often repeat the same verb twice?

I found written


what would be the difference between 我应该问问他 abd 我应该问他?

or "我看看” instead of "我看"?. I know in same cases adjectives can be doubled to make superlative like  to say He is very tall I can write  他太高了 or  他高高了 but I don't get the using reagarding repeating the verbs twice.

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Verb reduplication means that action is done once or/and is of very short duration.


应该问他  means simply "should ask him", 应该问问他 indicates that you only ask him one short question.

我看看 means "Let me take a look; I'll take a glance", 我看 can mean "I'm watching (looking)" or "I think; in my view".


Adjectifs are reduplicated in order to stress the quality expressed by that adjectif, but I think it's not correct to use 了 in that case, usually it's 的 that follows reduplicated adjectif  ‘高高的‘, 不是 ‘高高了’。

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But the main reason is that it sounds really cool.


Especially when hilarious Chinese people use it when they are speaking in English...


Chinese person: "Give it to me, let me see see."

Me: "Aaaaahahahaha."


But seriously, I do think it sounds cool.  You should also be aware that the same sentiment can be expressed in numerous forms, as in:







all have roughly the same meaning.


This reminds me of when I first started using QQ and I'd ask someone a question and they would just reply with "==".

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Verb reduplication in Mandarin (现代汉语普通话) usually has the meaning of “small(er) amount" or "try", and it sometimes softens the tone, for example, 你等等我 means wait a second (I'm on my way), 我来尝尝 means let me try a bite so I can decide whether it's tasty or disgusting. As with 我应该问他, it means I should ask him (because I should do it in this way or because I want an answer), while 我应该问问他 means I should try to ask him about it (because this is the way I can consider or because maybe I can get an answer).


btw in some dialects verb reduplication has different meanings.

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