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Getting (or extending) a 30+ day tourist visa?


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My boyfriend lives in Chongqing, China and I visit him every few months. He's Chinese so he always writes me an invitation letter. Next time I would like to see about staying 45 or 50 days. 30 days is just too short, you know? The first week I'm jetlagged, the last week we're packing and we're sad I have to leave. An extra 1-2 weeks would be amazing.

Now I've been reading that the best shot I have is getting a 30 day visa from the embassy at home, and then a 30 day extension a week before the first one would expire. I've read that it MIGHT be possible to get an initial visa of more than 30 days, but it's unlikely and probably they will just give me 30 days, right?

My question is:
Will my 45-day return flight be a problem for entering the country and for acquiring my VISA? I will book a round-way flight that leaves 45 days after it arrives. When you arrive, you need to fill in one of those Arrival slips that states the flight name & date when you leave. If I come in with a 30 day visa and write down that my flight leaves 45 days later, isn't that a huge problem?

And second question:
I read that I need proof of a 12,000+ Yuan bank account balance when applying for a VISA extension. Is this correct? Or is the number different? Or it doesn't matter, because I'll be staying at my boyfriend's place?

Last question:
When applying for a visa extension, does it help at all that my boyfriend comes with me and can write an invitation letter or whatever for me..? Testify that I'll be staying at his place etc.

Thoughts? :)

Thank you!

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For exact information on which visa to get (or at least an estimate), you would need to tell us your nationality and which embassy you are applying at. I personally always recommend to apply via an experienced Chinese visa agency, as they are the only people who really have first hand accurate information on whats going on at that specific embassy, because they go there every day and apply for visas and see what works and what not, which unfortunately is the only relialbe to find out whats going on (you would think those embassies could also post that information on their websites - unfortunately though they dont)


For the extension, I do not know about Chongqing, but in Beijing the bank deposit requirement has been dropped several years ago and getting a 30 day tourist visa extension is currently (and has been for years) no problem. No need to have your boyfriend or anyone come with you.

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Hi there,


Thank you for your reply.


I live in the Netherlands and will be applying at The Hague Chinese Visa Application Service Center.

However, I realize that I should ask them for information regarding a visa longer than 30 days.


What I'm curious about here, though, is how I can get into China on a 30 day visa when my return flight is 45 days later?


I remember the embassy told me that extending in China is very possible, but I'm kind of worried about the Arrival tag.

If I say my departure date is 15 days after my visa will expire, won't that raise red flags? And I wouldn't have a return flight within the visa either.


Glad to hear a bank deposit is no longer required. ^_^ So I don't need to show a Chinese bank account with CNY 21000+ either?


Thanks again!

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Whether you need to show US$100/day or equivalent for an extension is within the discretion of the PSB, and policies differ in different offices, so don't write off the possibility completely.

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In my experience most likely the different flight dates should not be a problem. That being said, in London two months ago for one student it was a problem. Talk to the embassy, but keep in mind that they might not necessarily tell you exactly how to apply. Talking to an agency might be a good idea. We have one for the Netherlands listed here though I do not think any of our students have used it in a while, so I am not sure how good they are.

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Your other option would be to apply for a multiple entry visa and do a run to HK rather than the extension. It may be more expensive than the extension though but it is an option.

Generally, it is not a problem to get an extension and generally your return ticket will not cause you a problem upon entering the country.

Your boyfriend hopefully would have a better grasp on the local PSb's attitude towards these situations.

Lately, of all the friends I have in CQ, none have ever mentioned needing to show the bank statement when requesting extensions.

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Hey! Thank you for the replies.


Quick update: I'll be booking a 49 day flight. I'll try to apply for 2 month visa, but if I get 1 month I'll extend in Chongqing (you are right, I don't see ANY mention of needing a Chinese bank account there).


Question: it says I need "residency registration from the hotel". But... I'm staying at my bf's. So, what do I bring? Nothing? The invitation letter? :S HIM?


Question 2: Should I apply on Day 23 on Visa 1 or earlier?

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I haven't applied yet, my flight is 5 February and I have to make new passport photos. XD


I will apply soon. I just feel very very tired from a recent deadline and I don't want to look like a zombie on my new passport photos.

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for short time china visa in hk ,only for 1 month or 2 months visa in hk can get it .and for 1 or 2 months in hk to get it sometimes is not easy and depend on your current visa siutation .

for 60 or 90 days visa , can apply in your own country ,with chinese government invitaiton letter can help to get it .

But in hk as far as i know that have no 60 or 90 dyas can do ,please notice ,thanks 

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Okay. xD


Well, I'll let you guys know what happens. I'll apply in 1-2 weeks. Hope to get 60 day visa right away, otherwise I'll just register at the police station upon arrival and renew my visa in Chongqing as suggested. :)


Any advice for what my friend should write in his invitation letter?

Is the Chinese government more inclined to give me a 60 day visa if...um...I don't know...he writes I am staying so long in China for work inspiration? Or friends visit? Or something else.

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