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Chinese documentaries for English speakers?


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Hello there!


I'm brand new to learning Chinese (have been doing so for about 3 weeks, using tools such as Skritter, learning off of my native Chinese friends, and ChinesePod). One of the goals I have in my journey is not only learning to be fluent in the language but also be knowledgeable in Chinese history. Right now, since I am not fluent, it is near impossible for me to watch Chinese documentaries and get anything beneficial out of them. Though I do look forward to the day where I can learn more by listening/watching in Chinese.


I can read up about the history in English, sure, (and don't get me wrong, I'll be doing that as well) though I find a documentary format more memorable/valuable since I'm an auditory learner.


What I am wondering is if anyone has any good sources for Chinese-history based documentaries/films in English?



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not a documentary, but a great resource is Laszlo Montgomery's China History Podcast.  Tons of episodes all in English :)  I am not too keen on history but I find them to be fascinating and informative, and they are organized by topic into digestible chunks. 

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This 20-part series from CCTV 9 in English is an excellent introduction to Chinese history:


Chinese Civilization 『中华文明』



CCTV-9 has many videos on Chinese history and culture, including a large selection of videos in English or with English subtitles. You can find many in the You Tube CCTV 9 page.

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I don't find the website too slow at all, maybe it depends are where you are, I like the website better because you getter a better idea of what there is available and to follow series easily and there is some back info to some of the programs. There is also links to chinese learning material that goes with their chinese language learning programs.


Enjoy what's on YouTube, but have a look at the website occasionally to make sure you aren't missing anything.

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