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I have just heard this old song on the radio. I listened to the words and felt encouraged.


詞:鄭國江 曲:中島美雪 唱:林子祥

莫再悲 莫再傷 遇到悲哀休誇張

誰亦要經風與浪 誰遇挫敗不受傷

逝去的 莫再想 路正崎嶇更漫長

何用嘆息風裏望 寶貴光陰笑着量

愁和哀 風與霜 不會天天都探訪

用幻想 與夢想 編織那遠大理想

斜陽好 花正香 跟那寂寞和着唱

歌聲一句句 跳越屏障赴遠方

默默的分享 默默的欣賞 路上一切美麗況

人生總會碰着悲哀苦惱 為何流淚看

幸運不希罕 熱淚不輕淌 願做真正既硬漢

何必口說快樂 心中一個樣

Youtube - http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=C7jCFzXtznM

Mainland China - http://m.iqiyi.com/v_19rrkk35pk.html

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Is it normal for Cantonese songs to be written with mandarin grammar and vocabulary? Would the lyrics be easy to understand just by listening?

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Yes. And yes.

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