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Can someone provide me with a clear path toward getting a job in China?


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I know similar stories have been posted on this forum many times, but I'm trying to get some answers that pertain to my situation. I really want to work in China, doing just about anything, and am fine with making around 10,000 RMB per month. I want to work legally and am willing to work just about anywhere in China proper. Here's the basic info:


-I am 31 years old

-white male

-native English speaker (American)

-senior status at uni  (non-traditional student background)

-recently dropped out due to poor financial situation but am two semesters away from graduation

-at one point I had a full-ride academic scholarship but lost it due to an ability to get to campus, among other non-academic issues

-pretty solid work resume prior to enrolling in college with 3 years mid-level management experience in warehousing, logistics and -purchasing

-intermediate Chinese level

-have won a few academic essay competitions at the local level

-solid oral communication skills and socially adept


For various reasons, things haven't worked out smoothly and I'm desperately trying to make one last bid at a decent life before I give up and start flipping hand burgers here in the states.


Please help!


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Your best option, in my opinion, not only for going to China, but for your life afterwards, would be to do whatever you can to complete your degree.

Apart from the practicalities of it, you will be respected more and taken much more seriously in China if you have a degree than if you don't.

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Yeah I'd agree with this. Certification seems to be a big deal in China. Ie you could be a slobbering idiot but if you've graduated from a decent university (oxford,cambridge etc) you will be considered a genius without any pause for actual consideration of your real intellect. If you've completed your degree you will be automatically be given status when applying for a job. Explaining whatever circumstances regardless of merit stopped you from doing this, Id imagine would be considered failing. Essentially I've never heard of anyone dropping out of university here in their final year

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I was afraid that this may be the case...Pretty discouraging, to say the least. I'm simply not going to be able to return to school anytime soon. The lack of affordable housing options and the poor transportation system make continuing with school impossible, at least for the foreseeable future. The really upsetting thing about this is that I now have to break up with a girl I met in China because I just won't be able to make it over there. I have promised her for over a year that I would eventually make it there, and now I have to break the news. Ugh, I haven't felt this awful in a quite some time...

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Ah ok I was under the impression from your first post you wanted to get over to China to improve your career prospects 'not flip burgers' etc.

If the main reason is to continue seeing a girl you could most likely find an English teaching job. It may have to be in a small city however, because you don't have a bachelors degree or teaching experience but you could definitely find one. Also you if your Chinese is intermediate and you have some management level experience you may be able to find a job other than teaching. Jobs for factories sometimes flick up on linkedin for me (because they 'suit' my profile apparently) you could give that a look.


In summary, if your main aim it to move to China, build your finances up, improve your CV, improve your quality of life, work hard and rise up the teaching/management ranks without a degree- this isn't going to happen. If your main aim is just get to China, see your gf, get a steady lowish paying job and improve your Chinese then you can 100% do this!


Best of luck 

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Have you considered attending/finishing school in China? 

If you just want to go to China, you look into the Chinese Government Scholarships. While you aren't a "traditional" student, which might make it more difficult, the fact that you are American may make you more appealing to a smaller school eager for foreign students. 

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