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English Movie Theatres in Qingdao?


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Hey everyone,


with the cold winter-weather it's a great time to do some stuff indoors and so I would really like to go see a movie sometime.

However, I do not speak chinese. I tried to find theatres in Qingdao that show movies in English, but had no success. All I found were the standard schedules for chinese movies, or the chinese dubbed ones.


So if anyone knows, that would be great :)

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There is no special theater which is dedicated to English speakers. But usually the English movies will be showed in original audio with Chinese subtitle. There are 3 English movies showing for now:

1. Point break -- showed in 15 theaters. English audio. For example, HuaChen Theater (华臣影城, it is within Mykal 麦凯乐 shopping mall), 13:25.

2. The Martian -- showed in 8 theaters. English audio. For example, HuaChen Theater, 15:40.

3. The rush-- only in one theater and it is Chinese dubbed.

​Actually you can go to the following website to search for information about the theaters and ongoing movies:


The site is in Chinese, so you need someone to help you and explain to you.

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Point Break http://movie.mtime.com/211983/

the Martian http://movie.mtime.com/216036/

From the description, how can we know that it's in English with Chinese subtitles?


direct link to the movies shown in Qingdao


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Find the page that lists the actual showings for the film and city you want, eg



Use the 选座购票 drop down and you'll see something like "3D 英文版" That refers to the soundtrack, anything in English will have Chinese subtitles, not sure if stuff in Chinese always has Chinese subtitles or not. 


If you know which cinema you're going to it may be easier to head to their site. 

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Oh, it happens that roddy answered it when I was tying.


For Chinese movies, some of them, usually so-called blockbusters will have Chinese subtitles, and yes, even English subtitles, e.g. "捉妖记"


Speaking of subtitles, I am a movie fan. However, I haven't been to cinema for a very long time. Theater can not offer good enough view experiences at least for me. Anyway you can not pause it if you wanna go to bathroom. And the worst thing is they only offer 3D option for a lot of movies. English movies certainly have subtitles, which annoys me quite a lot if they are in 3D!


I'd rather go for BD player and projector. And for casual viewing, Netflix is good enough. Maybe you don't know, but you can use Netflix in China if you know how. 

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Hey guys, somehow my great internet connection swallowed my reply.
Anyways, a belated thank you for the fast responses! You really helped me with the info :)


@dingye: I agree with you opinion of 3D and ususally I will stream movies at home BUT there are those few exceptions where going to see them in a theatre is just worth it...even if there are Chinese subtitles.

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