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Will a DUI ruin my chances of ever teaching/working in China?


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8 hours ago, LaoDing said:

I haven't heard of anyone being required to get an FBI background check in China


It's a requirement for teaching in China.

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1 hour ago, ChTTay said:


1 hour ago, ChTTay said:

t's a requirement for teaching in China.



I've looked over the web and can't find anything about an FBI criminal background check being required. What is usually mentioned is a check at the police station (easy) or an FBI check. The last I heard that check was a real hassle (though cheap!). I know there's been a lot of changes in the last couple of years and the process his getting stricter (having to have your diploma notarized for example). A lot of red tape for a 1500  USD a month job at a public uni (admittedly easy work though). More money for more work of course- enjoy that! I guess background checks through approved agencies aren't being accepted anymore? There are plenty of interesting countries to teach in beside China of course.

Glad to hear OP that it was a misdemeanor. I'd say you're chances are good, but I'm no expert. Maybe you should talk to an agent.


@ChTTay can you source that requirement?


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18 hours ago, Baby Charlie said:

These requirements are new but I am so glad that they are in place as this country has been a dumping  ground for losers from around the world!


And it's set to become a lot sticter especially in Beijing. I consulted on a new policy for the ministery of education recently to attract higher grade talent and remove undesirable people. 


Category A persons don't need a police or FBI check but it won't apply to the OPs case or anybody teaching English unfortunately

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I don’t know what you’re searching. 


Let’s take “EF” for example as one of the largest recruiters of English teachers in China. Click here and scroll down to their requirements. States background check needed. 


This link is to the page of a fairly big foreign-run recruiter based in China for Intl teaching jobs and ESL jobs. The first thing it says is about criminal record checks being required as of July 2017. 


So yes, the OP should just do a check on themselves. If it shows up, find another country to teach in. I hear Cambodia is the new frontier for English teaching. 

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Well, I hate to be nitpicky but there is a big distinction between an FBI check and a local police check (not to mention the online agency check), so the issue for US citizens is important. Those links either do not say or state that either the FBI or the local state check is fine:

'You can obtain a background check/no criminal record report from a local, state or national (FBI) organization. Generally, the local police station is the fastest, while the state police may take a couple weeks. An FBI check is not always required,,, (More like rarely requested in the case of China.)

And I bet a lot of bureaus will accept the Internet criminal background check as well.

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Baby Charlie

My university would accept either a state or FBI background check but it could not be a local police department check, it had to be done through official government channels. I am Heilongjiang Province!

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