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Chinese Classes Needed (Edmonton)

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Hello, I'm a teenager from Edmonton. I've been cheated by the education system about the Mandarin classes as I have been doing the same Grade 7 stuff for 4 years because of my classmates not paying attention. I was wondering how I would be able to find a tutor or out-of-school class that would help me advance in my studies, and how I would be able to find someone preferably a bit cheaper... :shrug:

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If you're happy to take classes online, Italki is one option for finding teachers, although there are others. If you go with a community rather than a professional teacher the lessons can be quite cheap.

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You could take the edX course that has just started, still time to catch up have a look here http://www.chinese-forums.com/index.php?/topic/50261-edx-basic-mandarin-chinese-course-level-2-starting/


There are other online courses by edX have a look at their site and they are all free.


You could put an add in your local newspaper and advertise for a tutor in your area, or check out your local schools colleges etc and see if they have any evening classes.


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If it's important to you to try and find someone local, try copying and pasting this into Google:
site:craigslist.ca mandarin

It tells Google to search all of Craigslist in Canada (for example there's a vancouver.craigslist.ca and a toronto.craigslist.ca; this searches both cities' Craigslist instead of you having to search each one individually.)

You can change mandarin to chinese tutor or mandarin lessons, or whatever.

Good luck.

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I assume you have a Chinese teacher at your school then? If they're aware that your level is higher than your classmates then couldn't you approach them about it? Maybe see if they'd be prepared to tutor you?

If not then it would be worth searching in your local area for a tutor or class. Otherwise, your best bet would just be self study. I don't know your level but an online course would give you structure. You could also just self study using a textbook and supplement that with Italki and/or an online teacher.

You could also self- study for the HSK exam - whichever is your level.

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Hey Aiden,

Another thing you might look for is to see if there is a nearby Confucious center where you could talk lessons. Often they're based out of universities.

I also took lessons back in the U.S. on weekends at Chinese school set up to teach Chinese Americans. There were some non-Chinese Americans like myself. Except for one parent, the rest of my class was middle and high school students. I think the class was like $100 for 30 two hour long classes. If you have any CBC classmates they may be doing this. You might ask some or check the internet.

Tutors, even Chinese university students studying in Canada willing to tutor on the side would probably be a lot more money, but that might be something to consider.

Good luck.


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