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Is zhuyin support possible in the future? Preferably not tied to traditional (as in, I'd like to be able to use simplified + zhuyin combo).

Also maybe a streak/'articles read this week: 3 out of 10' or something like this?

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11 hours ago, erlenwein said:

Is zhuyin support possible in the future? Preferably not tied to traditional (as in, I'd like to be able to use simplified + zhuyin combo).

Also maybe a streak/'articles read this week: 3 out of 10' or something like this?

Thank you for getting in touch.


We haven't explored the potential for Zhuyin, however I will certainly look into this with our tech team to see what can be done.


With regards to study streaks and goals, this is something we are looking to implement in the coming months as we look to further 'gamify' the platform.





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On 4/4/2021 at 9:54 PM, Jan Finster said:

To improve my listening skills, I decided to listen to all TCB lessons. 


Starting with HSK 1 lessons (approx. 900) as extensive listening practice, I just completed all HSK 1 lessons in TCB.


The great thing about TCB is that they do not cling to the HSK levels rigidly. So, even though the lessons were supposed to be HSK 1, all HSK 1 lessons combined contained about 2687 unique words and 1418 unique characters (see stats below). 


The great thing about listening to them was that they were really fairly easy, but almost every lesson had 1-2 words I did not know or expressions, I was not familiar with even though I know the individual words or characters, e.g. "同桌同学" (for "classmate you are sharing your desk with"). Since the lessons were fairly easy, I completed several dozens each day, which meant, I spent several hours each day listening. So, lots of time on task and I feel my overall listening skills have improved quite a bit.


Hey Jan, thanks for this. I took your posts as inspiration follow you on your journey.


I started with the HSK 1 articles a few days ago - i listen to the article first (mostly 2 times) and then listen to it once more with reading the text in parallel. Lets see where it brings me 🙂


Vielen Dank!

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I was also inspired by @Jan Finster to go through all of the TCB's HSK 1 content. I've been doing it for a few weeks now, and I've got ~480 articles in my "read" status (that does include Blogs, but probably less than 50 of them). I have ~460 left to go before I'm up to date with all HSK 1, but to be honest I've lost interest in it now, and am finding it hard to motivate myself to stick to a daily schedule.


My method was to try to tackle between 1-2 month's worth of articles per day (depending on how much time I had), which was usually about 20 articles. At first (once they added the feature) I was completing the quizzes they added, but they quickly become repetitive and I didn't feel they were adding much value.


I would copy and paste the article into CTA to see if it had any words that are not in my "known" list, which would usually only be a couple of actual words (i.e. not names) that I hadn't come across before which were usually related to the article's main topic. Then I would listen to the article on the fastest speed the player will allow, and follow along with the text. Mark as read. Move to the next article. Repeat. I would estimate this takes between 45-60 minutes depending on the number of articles covered.


Overall I would say it's been a great learning experience. It's given me lots of repetition for saying similar things but with different wording, and seeing the same grammar structures be used in many different ways. My main issue now is that since the articles are, by design, short in length, in combination with the limitations on vocabulary I'm finding the actual content of the articles to not interest me anymore. Many of the articles follow a similar pattern, which has become formulaic. (Title: Man opens X-style restaurant. Man from X-place opens a restaurant. He cooks X-style food. Lots of people come to eat his food. They like eating his food. He is very happy they like to eat his food. He plans to open another restaurant in Y city selling X-style food. The End.)


My current plan is to add in the HSK 2&3 level articles, and go back to the beginning, doing a similar method. It may be that those articles are harder to follow, and so I won't be able to fast forward. It may need either some previewing of vocab, or repeated listening to properly understand and digest the content.

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